Corrections Officer

Easton, PA
Northampton County Corrections Department

Salary: $41,334.00 Annually.

Position Summary:

The Corrections Officer is responsible for maintaining order and securing inmates in the county jail.

This position reports directly to a Corrections Supervisor – Sergeant and Corrections Supervisor – Lieutenant, and/or other higher level supervisory officer as designated.

This position is not responsible for the supervision of other employees.

Essential Functions:

  • Processes incoming inmates.
  • Conducts searches within the facility and searches inmates’ cells in accordance with established policies, regulations, and/or procedures.
  • Transports inmates as necessary.
  • Monitors inmate activities, including both supervision and interaction with inmates.
  • Coordinates daily activities of inmates.
  • Makes required rounds to check safety and welfare of inmates.
  • Processes paperwork, completing required reports and forms on a daily basis, such as incidents of misbehavior or violation of rules.
  • Interacts with the public via telephone or face to face and coordinates activities with outside agencies and internal county personnel.
  • Enters information into the jail’s computer system.
  • Reviews and interprets Court orders, remands and releases.
  • Observes inmates to detect violations of jail regulations or any unusual physical appearance or behavior of inmates.
  • Physically restrains inmates when necessary to prevent injuries to staff and other inmates and to maintain security.
  • Uses weapons, handcuffs, and minimum amount of physical force to maintain discipline and order among inmates in situations which necessitate.
  • Learns names and identification numbers and recognizes faces of problem inmates by observing and receiving information from other officers so that such persons can be closely observed; briefs officers on incoming shift as to unusual activities and inmate status.
  • On reporting to work, attends shift briefings and reads bulletins issued by the department or institution to keep abreast of changes in policies/regulations; receives work assignments.
  • Directs inmates in housekeeping duties in the cell block area such as sweeping/mopping of floors, making beds, and dusting/vacuuming to maintain sanitary conditions.


  • Completion of a high school, or general equivalency, diploma; AND
  • Corrections Officers are required to possess a valid driver’s license and maintain a clean driving record; AND
  • Preferred age requirement is twenty-one (21) years of age. We will consider applicants between eighteen (18) and twenty (20) years of age based on maturity and documented work experience, education and/or military experience.
  • A post offer medical examination, including a urine drug screen, is a requirement for employment. Any medical or physical condition or defect which would cause the officer to be a hazard to himself, herself or others, or become aggravated as a result of the performance of these duties, will be cause for the offer to be rescinded.
  • A post-offer psychological examination must be completed prior to hire. Failure to demonstrate sufficient capacity to perform duties of this position may be cause for the offer to be rescinded.
  • A post-offer criminal history check, child abuse clearance, credit check, and motor vehicle driving record check will be completed for all Corrections Officers candidates. Failure to successfully pass the background investigation will be cause for the offer to be rescinded.
  • Additionally, criminal history, child abuse clearance, and credit check will be completed for the purpose of compliance every five (5) years. Motor vehicle driving record checks will be completed on an annual basis.
  • All Corrections Officer candidates shall be required to successfully complete a training program within the time period prescribed by law and successfully complete a one (1) year probationary period.
  • A Corrections Officer’s assignment requires carrying a firearm, and the officer must qualify upon hire as well as requalify annually to maintain his or her firearm certification.
  • A Corrections Officer’s assignment requires carrying an OC spray, also known as pepper spray, and the officer must qualify upon hire as well as requalify annually to maintain certification.