Corrections Officer

Jim Thorpe, PA
Carbon County

Salary: $18.46 per hour.

Essential Functions:

  1. Conducts searches on incoming inmates and prepares them for commitment.
  2. Makes rounds and ensures proper head count as well as the safety of the prison is in order.
  3. Documents and maintains daily log of prison activities and/or incidents.
  4. Observes inmates, their activities and observes any unusual behaviors or needs.
  5. Checks incoming mail, clothing and other items for contra band or other illegal items.
  6. Instructs and enforces institutional policies and procedures with inmates.
  7. Operates central control. Ensures all doors, windows are locked and prison is secure.
  8. Interviews prisoners to determine their needs or problems.
  9. Assists in transporting of inmates as necessary (i.e., for counselors, medical appointments, lawyers, or to other prisons).
  10. Assists inmates with referrals for legal representation.
  11. Interacts with inmates and physically subdues them when necessary.
  12. Assists in the intervention in a crisis situation. Performs CPR, first aid, etc. as necessary.


  • High School diploma or equivalent.
  • First aid and CPR helpful.
  • Must be able to successfully acquire a certificate of training from the Department of Corrections of Elizabethtown or other designated areas.
  • Must possess a Valid Drivers License.