Corrections Officer

Longview, WA
Cowlitz County Sheriff's Department

Salary: $57,946.08 – $67,028.64 Annually.

Position Summary:

Perform clerical and security functions to ensure the safe, effective and efficient operations of the Cowlitz County Jail while providing care and custody of the inmates.

Essential Functions:

  1. Review documents of arrest and commitment before accepting new inmates into the facility. Verify identity of officers bringing inmates into facility. Observe incoming inmates to identify physical/mental health condition.
  2. Patrol units, cell areas, corridors and other security areas inside the facility to ensure security and observe inmate behavior. Observe remote surveillance devices to monitor inmates. Conduct regular head or institutional counts. Escort inmates in and/or out of cell or areas within the facility.
  3. Resolve conflicts between inmates. Identify and observe problems such as bitterness and unrest among inmates, unusual movement or activities, unusual odors/sounds, group agitators and gang activities. Anticipate problems under development and take appropriate action. Immediately confront and control hostile groups or individuals. Take immediate action to address security breaches. Counsel inmates to help resolve problems. Determine when an inmate crisis or problem should be referred to appropriate facility staff or supervisor
  4. Request examination of the physical and/or mental health condition of inmates by medical personnel. Monitor mentally ill or suicidal inmates..
  5. Assist medical personnel to ensure inmate take prescribed medication. Observe inmate to recognize symptoms of drug withdrawal and drug use.
  6. Escort, guard and transport inmates to outside medical facilities for treatment, and to/from court.
  7. Perform clerical duties such as data entry and retrieval using computerized systems, receive, search, book, fingerprint, and photograph incoming inmates. Issue jail uniforms, record and store personal property and house inmates by appropriate classification, maintain accurate records and logs, and required documentation.
  8. Distributes meals to inmates and account for utensils after meals.
  9. Operate control room, monitoring and accessing gates, cameras, alarms and video terminals. Operate control panel in response to audio and visual cues and requests by staff. Control entries into the facility. Verify identification and inspect vehicles and/or containers entering or leaving the facility.
  10. Pat- and strip- search same sex inmates. Search clothing/property left for inmates. Conduct periodic searches of inmate cells to discover and seize contraband, weapons, and other unauthorized materials. Process evidence seized during searches.
  11. Participate in facility lockdown. Collaborate in the search, pursue, tackle and apprehension of escaped.
  12. Check the identity of inmates leaving the facility. Inspect documents prior to release or transfer of inmates. Release inmates by established procedures or bail, court order or other authority. Verify identity of officer picking up inmate.
  13. Report to the supervisor unusual and irregular incidents, hazardous situations, and imminent emergencies and security breaches. Report severe depression or unusual behavior, which might indicate self-destructive behavior or danger to others.
  14. Conduct emergency procedures in case of fire, escape, riot, and other emergencies. Escort and move inmates to evacuate areas, part or full facility. Direct actions of CO’s arriving to assist in emergency situations.
  15. Collaborate in investigations, collect evidence, take notes and document evidence chain of custody, package/identify evidence.
  16. Take emergency steps when inmate has threatened with suicide and in the cases of injury or illness by immediately reporting the incident and requesting assistance. Administer emergency medical first-aid and CPR protocols. Use universal precautions to prevent contact with infectious diseases. Use clean-up kit to clean blood borne pathogens, and oversee clean up of blood and body fluids. Investigate injuries to inmates. Record injuries to inmates.
  17. Take measures to void confrontation with provoking inmates. Control emotions and recognize inmates’ manipulative efforts.
  18. As the case may require, apply physical force and techniques to restrain, subdue and control violent inmates, protect/maintain life and safety, prevent criminal behavior, self-defense or combat situation.
  19. Apply the appropriate level of force in accordance with policies, ranging from verbal warnings and physical techniques, utilizing soft and hard restraints and in extreme cases deadly force.
  20. Monitor radio transmissions between staff in order to respond immediately to directions/emergencies, and to call to assistance as needed.
  21. Attend and participate in staff meetings. Contribute with ideas for improvement and problem solving.
  22. Attend training and educational seminars.


  • High School diploma or equivalent. Be a U.S. citizen and 21 years of age.
  • Successfully complete Basic Corrections Academy, First Aid and CPR training within the first six months of employment.
  • Successfully complete all defensive tactics level one and level two training to include handgun retention.
  • All Corrections Officers hired after January 1, 1994 must become firearms qualified prior to completion of probation and maintain firearms qualification.
  • Possess and maintain a valid driver’s license.
  • Successfully pass a physical agility test, pass a full background investigation, pass a polygraph exam and a psychological profile interview.