Corrections Deputy

South Bend, WA
Pacific County Sheriff

Position Summary:

Perform work under supervision in the Pacific County jail that involves booking, custody and release of inmates in accordance with law enforcement rules and regulations. This position is under the direction of a Corrections Sergeant. The hours of work are variable.

Essential Functions:

  • Receive search, book, fingerprint, and photograph incoming prisoners. Issue jail uniforms, record and store personal effects, and house inmates by appropriate classification.
  • Maintain jail security by observation of inmates, pat searches, strip searches, and cell searches. Maintain orderly conduct and discipline.
  • Assure inmates have access to basic needs for hygiene and welfare.
  • Prepare and deliver prisoners to court, doctors’ offices, hospitals, and other locations. Transfer prisoners to and from jail and court. Release prisoners by established procedures or bail, court order, or other authority.
  • Log court disposition of cases. Write reports and maintain files.
  • Screen and process visitors. Process personal property brought to inmates and released.
  • Assign and direct work of trustees. Distribute meals to all inmates, assuring that all materials are removed from cells after meals.
  • Advise supervisor when medical attention appears necessary and maintain physical safety of prisoners.
  • Administer prescribed medications.
  • Monitor video and audio surveillance equipment and other job-related equipment.
  • Receive incoming telephone calls to the bureau, relaying them appropriately. Communicate appropriately on the telephone.
  • Attend training and shift meetings. Apply job related knowledge, skills, and abilities on duty.
  • Respond to and assist with major or minor disturbances, medical crisis situations, escapes, fire, and other natural disasters.
  • Prepare reports, memos, and log book entries. This is accomplished through handwritten, typed, and computer terminal entries.
  • Acknowledge reading the seven day board by signing each piece of information. Check all locations for job related information and messages at beginning of shift and at other times, as necessary.
  • Maintain the secure and smooth operations of the jail, being prepared to secure the facility in emergency situations.
  • Has personal control of issued agency equipment.
  • Perform related work as required.


  • High School Graduate or GED.
  • United States Citizen.
  • No felony convictions or series of offenses of a minor nature which would lend themselves to establish a pattern of criminal behavior, nor any criminal instances concerning moral turpitude.
  • Minimum age of 18 years at time of appointment.
  • Must hold or obtain valid Driver’s license.
  • Must pass a background investigation by the Sheriff’s Office, as well as a medical and psychological examination and polygraph test.
  • Must meet current physical standards adopted by the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Pass Civil Service examinations.
  • Must read and write English.