Correctional Officers

Beaver, UT
Beaver County Sheriff's Office

Salary: $25.42 D.O.E.

Position Summary:

Performs a variety of entry-level law enforcement duties related to the security, safety, order, operation and maintenance of county jail facilities, including incarceration and detention of prisoners.

Works under the close to general supervision of the Corrections Corporal, Sergeant, Jail Commander or County Sheriff.

Essential Functions:

  • Supervises inmates in county jail in accordance with established policies, regulations and procedures while assuming responsibility for all needs (physical, medical, etc.) of the prisoners during detention.
  • Performs various tasks associated with inmate admissions; books prisoners; reviews offense status and classification (violent, non-violent, etc.) to determine appropriate level of security and confinement.
  • Observes conduct and behavior of inmates to prevent disturbances and escapes; searches inmates and cells for contraband articles; patrols assigned areas for evidence of forbidden activities, infractions of rules and unsatisfactory attitudes or adjustment of prisoners, and reports observations to supervisor; performs inmate supervision during recreation and meal periods.
  • Inspects locks, grills, doors and gates for tampering; employs various forms of discipline as needed to maintain order among prisoners, if necessary.
  • Supervises prisoners in transit between jail, courtroom, prisons, or other points, traveling by automobile or public transportation as required; locks prisoner(s) in cell after searching for weapons, valuables or drugs.
  • Secures all valuables and/or belongings and follows standard procedures designated for the disposing or maintaining of the same; orders and serves meals to prisoners and provides or obtains medical aid if needed; administers medication as prescribed by doctor.
  • Prepares arrest records including reports, bookings, releases, fingerprinting and mug shot photography (identifying the prisoner and charge against him/her); assists in the maintenance of various records and information reporting materials and data base.
  • Supervises trustees or prisoners on general work details inside or outside of jail; performs general maintenance of jail facility and environs; repairs safety and security devices; cleans and sanitizes cells; maintains inmate recreation area and equipment.
  • Serves as bailiff; performs a variety of security tasks specific to maintaining courtroom order and insuring that courtroom processes are adhered to; serves as courtroom security officer by carrying out specific plans and programs to assure safety of court personnel and protection of facilities; follows specific instructions from appropriate supervisors.
  • Performs other related duties as required.


  • Graduation from high school plus successful completion of POST Academy training leading to the acquisition of a Correctional Officer Certification.
  • Must be POST certified as a correctional officer pursuant to UCA 77-1a-2.
  • Must maintain 40 hours of annual training.
  • Must be 21 years of age.