Correctional Officer

Springfield, IL
Sangamon County Sheriff's Office

Newly hired Sheriff’s Correctional Officers must pass a five-week basic training course mandated by the State of Illinois, unless waived by the State Training Board due to prior training and experience. New Correctional Officers also receive one-on-one training by veteran Correctional Officers


  • Correctional Officers are required to report for duty promptly, with appropriate appearance and uniform.
  • Officers are responsible for checking individual mailboxes for correspondence, phone messages, and notices requiring action.
  • After shift briefing, officers should immediately begin their assigned duties.
  • Officers must enforce all rules of the Sangamon County Detention Center, as outlined in the Inmate Handbook and facility’s Rules, Policies, and Regulations.
  • Familiarity and competence with the Detention Center’s touch screen control and New World computer systems are necessary for performing job duties.
  • Booking inmates into the Detention Center, conducting classification interviews, operating computer terminals, fingerprinting and photographing inmates, counseling them on jail rules, and preparing related documents are part of the officer’s responsibilities.
  • Officers must observe and monitor inmates for behavioral problems, adjustment difficulties, interpersonal conflicts, and identify unmanageable, suicidal, or mentally ill inmates.
  • Ensuring appropriate inmate behavior in cells, during recreation, meals, and while being escorted within the jail premises is essential. Officers also need to supervise and control inmates during transportation and trustee work assignments.
  • Conducting cell inspections to ensure compliance with jail rules, searching inmates and their belongings for weapons and contraband, and inspecting jail equipment, materials, and facilities for signs of tampering are part of the officer’s duties.


  • Be no younger than 21 years of age at the time of appointment (no maximum age limit).
  • Must be a U.S. citizen.
  • Possess a valid Illinois driver’s license.
  • Must possess a valid FOID (Firearm Owner’s Identification) card.
  • Have acquired a high school diploma or equivalent certificate.