Correctional Officer I

Danville, VA
Danville Police Department

Salary: $43,297.60 Annually.

Position Summary:

The purpose of the position is to direct, supervise and train inmate work-program crews, oversee the care and custody of all inmates, and ensure the security and safety of the public, staff and inmates.

Essential Functions:

  • Directs and supervises inmate work crew operations by selecting and acquiring needed equipment and supplies; ensuring assigned equipment and vehicles are properly functioning; coordinating with other City staff to ensure assigned tasks are appropriately completed; assigning inmates to tasks based on their knowledge, skills, abilities or training status; ensuring safe work habits; and training, coordinating, guiding, controlling and disciplining inmates.
  • Ensures the security and custody of all assigned inmates by knowing and following all pertinent ADC procedures and guidelines; supervising, monitoring and controlling inmates; preventing escapes and defusing and controlling disruptive behavior; supervising, controlling and monitoring all inmate therapeutic, educational, social and religious programs and activities; observing and supervising all inmate visits; properly logging and reporting all pertinent observations and activities; notifying proper personnel of unusual activity or behavior; and noting any policy deviations in follow-up incident reports.
  • Ensures the safety of all inmates, staff and visitors by reading, understanding and following all promulgated ADC procedures and guidelines; Ensuring that all gang, assaultive, enemy, medical or suicidal information is completely and properly noted during intake, or thereafter appropriately informing the watch commander, and ADC management through follow-up reports; and handling all emergency or unusual situations and inmate complaints according to ADC policies and guidelines.
  • Observes and searches inmates, and housing, activity and work areas, by closely observing inmate behavior and interactions; intercepting notes and signals passed between inmates; frisking all inmates on irregular basis; strip searching all inmates entering security areas; properly searching inmate housing areas, and other likely hiding areas, for weapons, drugs and other contraband; and reporting building and equipment maintenance issues.
  • Provides limited guidance, intervention, and appropriate incarceration related information to inmates, by informing and explaining current institutional rules, regulations and practices; and noting and reporting signs of disoriented, resistant and/or illiterate inmates.
  • Prepares and submits work related security, safety and management documentation by thoroughly completing logs and reports on serious and unusual incidents, and inmate, visitor and volunteer behavior, etc.; and counting and reporting inmate census for official verification.


  • Work requires knowledge of a specific vocational, administrative, or technical nature which may be obtained with six months/one year of advanced study or training past the high school equivalency. Junior college, vocational, business, technical or correspondence schools are likely sources. Appropriate certification may be awarded upon satisfactory completion of advanced study or training.
  • Over one year up to and including two years.
  • Jailer Certification; Firearms First Aid/CPR/Bloodborne Pathogens; Operator Driver’s License