Correctional Officer

Paw Paw, MI
Van Buren County Sheriff

Salary: $23.04 hourly.

Position Summary:

The duty of a Corrections Officer focuses primarily on the custody and care of inmates and to maintain control of the Van Buren County Jail. The Corrections Officer will be required to maintain a secure and human living environment for the inmates in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Van Buren County Jail. Corrections officer will answer directly to a Corrections Sergeant, in the absence of the Corrections Sergeant and no other Corrections command, Corrections Officers will report to the Uniform Response Sergeant on duty.

Essential Functions:

  1. Book, finger print and take the picture of prisoners. Prepare records of all prisoner’ s personal property at the time of detention.
  2. Safeguard in mate’s personal belongings and return to them upon release.
  3. Screen inmates for medical and psychological conditions and document and report all condition to a supervisor.
  4. Physically and verbally control disruptive inmates.
  5. Escort inmates out of the cells for recreation, medical visits, court appearances, attorney visits, transfers to other facilities, etc.
  6. Maintain head count including movements of inmates.
  7. Enforce inmate rules by making written reports and making violations known to supervisors.
  8. Investigate violations of inmate’s rules and regulations. Interview witnesses, victims and others in order to prepare the required reports.
  9. Inspect cells and premises for security and sanitation.
  10. Distributes food trays, laundry, mail, commissary orders, and prescribed medication.
  11. Controls inmates by maintaining cell checks at a minimum of one per hour.
  12. Check inmate court paperwork and keep i nm ate files up to date.
  13. Makes sure all inmate appointments are placed on the appointment list.
  14. Taking bonds and being responsible for lawfully releasing inmates.
  15. Administers PBT to inmates to determine alcohol content.
  16. Practical knowledge of applicable Federal, State and local laws and informing supervisors when non-compliance is known
  17. Answer telephones and give allowable information to the public.
  18. Escort and retain custody of inmates removed for jail approved functions.
  19. Supervise and guard prisoners.


  • Must pass a physical agility test and written exam Prior to employment.
  • Must pass a pre-employment physical, drug screening and a psychological exam.
  • Must be available to work 12-hour shifts evenings, weekends, holidays.
  • Must successfully pass an annual physical control tactics training.
  • Graduation from an accredited high school (GED acceptable) and one to three years of responsible work experience required.
  • Good moral character as determined by a favorable comprehensive background investigation. The background investigation is understood to encompass all forms of pre-employment screening, including but not limited to: drug screen, physical, criminal background, driving record, sex offender registry, education, training and licensing verification, credit check, school and employment records, home environment, personal traits, integrity and professional and personal references. Consideration will be given to all criminal and civil law violations as indicating a lack of good character.
  • Possession of a valid State of Michigan Operator’s License and maintains eligibility to drive as per the County’s driving policy and the Sheriff’s Office policies and procedures.
  • Applicants who successfully completed the pre-employment MSCTC tests will be highly preferred.