Correctional Officer

Eagleville, PA
Montgomery County Sheriff

Salary: $49,920.00 Annually.

Position Summary:

The Montgomery County Correctional Facility constitutes a critically essential operating element of the Montgomery County Criminal Justice System. Its operation is directed by federal, state, county laws, standards and regulations. Montgomery County Correctional Facility staff is responsible for the overall operation of its facility, including security, enforcement of established rules and regulations, law, physical safety and care of inmates and employees.

Essential Functions:

  • Insure maintenance of security and daily activity;
  • Control all inmate movements in assigned areas and in accordance to overall security operation;
  • Compose reports;
  • Operate and control security equipment, gates, locks, communication;
  • Monitor security equipment, closed circuit monitors, communications and alarm systems;
  • Respond to all emergencies;
  • Escort inmates as required;
  • Search for contraband;
  • Prevent escape;
  • Monitor cleanliness of assigned area and insure the implementation of sanitation practices in accordance to policies and procedures;
  • Report and prevent violations of rules and regulations;
  • Attend and pass all assigned training.


  • No Criminal Convictions;
  • High School Education;
  • PA Driver’s License;
  • Knowledge of Corrections and the Criminal Justice System is helpful;
  • Problem Solving Skills;
  • Capable of Independent action.