Correctional Officer

Milaca, MN
Mille Lacs County Sheriff's Office

Salary: $21.53 – $28.73 Hourly.

Position Summary:

The Correctional Officer controls access in and out of the jail facility and performs a variety of general and specialized work within the jail facility. This position is responsible for maintaining the safety and security of all personnel and inmates while they are within the facility, or in transit to court or a medical facility, as well as ensuring the safety and security of the facility.

Essential Functions:

1. Participates in daily operations of the jail; monitors inmates within the jail facility and directs their activities; ensures well being of inmates in posted area. Checks cell blocks and interacts with inmates in the different housing units; ensures all inmates have access to meals; ensures that inmates have personal hygiene items; stocks and accounts for all clothing and supplies. Observes inmates for symptoms of health problems and notifies medical staff with appropriate urgency for further assessment. Dispenses prescribed medications at scheduled times under the direction of medical staff and observes whether medication is taken; completes medication records.

2. Conducts inspections of posted areas for maintenance and/or security issues; conducts searches of inmate cells or common areas to detect and confiscate contraband. Performs inmate counts at beginning and end of shift. Performs required checks and documentation on inmates determined to be security or suicide risk and in segregation.

3. Orients inmates on procedures, schedules, and expected behavior within the facility.

4. Uses interpersonal skill to build rapport with inmates as a means of gaining cooperation and limiting aggression; intervenes in disputes among inmates; uses physical restraint when necessary to prevent injury; relocates inmates within the facility to avoid repeat of confrontations.

5. Provides direction to inmates on work assignments, such as laundry or cleaning.

6. Logs all shift activities, including incidents, and writes reports describing incidents, disciplinary actions, etc.

7. Backs up other officers during critical situations.

8. Monitors movement within and in and out of the facility. Operates security doors from a master control location with video and voice communication; controls access to gym and recreation areas; monitors Officer locations at all times; controls phone communications; coordinates emergency response to the facility; monitors access to the facility by family or other visitors, and monitors visits to prevent introduction of contraband. Provides escort to visiting clergy or attorneys.

9. Interviews new arrivals; enters data into the computer, and checks background of inmate; classifies the inmate on a preliminary basis and determines the degree of security required; determines whether the inmate is under a physician ordered treatment plan, including prescribed medications; verifies medications; notifies medical personnel of conditions and prescriptions for further assessment.

10. Screens inmates on arrival at the facility and determines whether they can be admitted, whether they need immediate medical attention, or would pose a threat to others in the facility. Searches inmates, secures and logs all cash and personal property; photographs and fingerprints new arrivals; ;may obtain urine samples and operate/take preliminary breath tester (PBT).

11. Introduces inmates to counseling opportunities, such as drug or alcohol programs; announces programs for training, education, recreation, or counseling, and moves inmates to the program area if they participate.

12. Transports prisoners to and from various detention or medical facilities, to court, on authorized leaves for funerals or other special furloughs, or to transfer custody to an authorized third party. Follows security protocol while in transit.

13. Notifies victims in certain cases.

14. Secures/logs bond or bail.

15. Participates in ongoing mandatory training and staff meetings and provides suggestions for improvements in operations and policies.

16. May be called to testify about observations or the content of conversations.

17. Performs other job-related duties as assigned.


  • Requires a high school diploma and two years of experience working in a role that requires interaction with others and proficiency in computer skills, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • A valid driver’s license is required.
  • An associate degree in a law enforcement related field or prior training or experience in law enforcement or corrections is preferred.
  • Must successfully complete a comprehensive background check.
  • Must have ability to obtain First Responder Certification within one year of beginning employment.