Correctional Officer

Adel, IA
Dallas County

Salary: $24.78 – $28.49 Hourly.

Essential Functions:

  • Will report on time, will be neat in appearance, in a clean, wrinkle free uniform as issued.
  • Monitor and operate radios, telephones, computer systems, and facility audio and visual monitors.
  • Keep timely, accurate, comprehensive reports, files and forms.
  • Carry out effectively and efficiently, the policies and procedures from supervisory personnel and the department.
  • Process intake and release or inmates.
  • Assist in maintaining surveillance of corridors, cells, and adjacent areas, while remaining alert for escapes or suicide attempts, and attempts to pass or produce items of contraband.
  • Shall perform personal searches outlined in the policies and procedures.
  • Participate in emergency operations involving fire, tornado, escape, riot, and hostage situations.
  • Other work related duties are required, not specifically described within the scope of this job.


  • High school graduate or equivalent.
  • The ability to perform the duties of the described vacancy, training, and an aptitude for the announced and subsequent position shall be considered as the distinguishing qualification.
  • Previous experience or post-secondary schools a plus.
  • Attend and become certified or currently certified by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy as a jailer.
  • Candidates will be required to pass a background check.