Communications/Corrections Officer

Alma, WI
Buffalo County Sheriff's Office

Summary of Position:

The job entails two sets of duties. The Corrections Officer maintains the safety and security of the jail and its inmates and provides for inmate needs. The Communication Officer provides central dispatching of all emergency services. The safety of Buffalo County begins in the 911 Communications Center.

Essential Duties:

This position description has been prepared to assist in defining job responsibilities, physical demands, working conditions and skills needed. It is not to be intended as a complete list of job duties, responsibilities and/or essential functions. This description is not intended to limit or modify the right of any supervisor to assign, direct and control the work of employees under supervision. The Sheriff retains and reserves any or all rights to change, modify, amend, add or delete from any section of this document as it deems in its Judgment to be proper.

All staff will have knowledge of and will obey all policies, procedures, rules, orders and directives pertaining to the Communication/Corrections Division. The ability to provide effective credible testimony in a court of law.

Performs the following functions in order to fulfill the title of Corrections Officer:

  • Report to work in a timely manner as set by supervisors.
  • Acquires knowledge of essential building and jail mechanisms relating to utilities, locks and radio/telephone equipment.
  • Properly books inmates into the jail as set forth in the Jail Policy Manual. This includes but it not limited to fingerprinting and photographing.
  • Monitor inmates at irregular intervals (cell checks) in order to ensure their safety and protection and reports any emergency and/or special situations.
  • Monitor behavior and movement of inmates. Provide supervision of housing units. Apply administrative discipline for violations of jail rules.
  • Use appropriate levels of force to control violet or non-compliant inmates.
  • Perform searches of inmates, property, inmate lockers and housing units.
  • Provide health care through the Jail Nurse or Jail Doctor.
  • Provide mental health care through the Mental Health Care Giver.

Performs the following functions in order to fulfill the title of Communication Officer:

  • Operate the Enhanced 911 system, receive calls for service and assign appropriate law enforcement or emergency services providers.
  • Operate radios, telephones, computer systems, facsimile and teletype equipment.
  • Determines nature of emergency and non-emergency calls for service.
  • Monitor video surveillance systems and alarms.
  • Prepare, maintain and update the necessary computer information on departmental complaints, the CAD (Computer Assisted Dispatching), as well as for fire, ambulance or other medical assistance.
  • Use computer to acquire DOT (Department of Transportation) information for officers as well as criminal histories for the department and all other county law enforcement agencies.
  • Implement any fire/weather warning systems.
  • Provide counter service to the public such as providing information, furnishing proper forms, collecting bond and maintaining records of these transactions.
  • Performs clerical and related administrative assignments as directed by supervisors
  • Is responsible for communication center security and overall operations within the communication center.

Minimum Training, Experience, and Qualifications Required to Perform Essential Job Functions:

The skills and abilities of this position require a high school diploma. Additional course work and experience in corrections science, criminal justice, corrections, telecommunications and operating a variety of computer applications/systems, is helpful, but not required. Must have or be able to complete certification by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board as a Jail Officer within one year of employment. Must have or be able to complete the Basic and Advanced TIME training within six months of employment. Must maintain all re-certification requirements. Must have a valid Driver’s License.