College Police Officer

Kirkwood, MO
St. Louis Community College

Salary: $41,110.00.

Position Summary:

Performs duties necessary to provide a safe and physically secure campus environment; provides peer officers, supervisors, and college officials with effective and accurate verbal/written communications related to duties; interacts with various members of the public with an impartial and professional demeanor; operates public safety vehicles in emergency & non-emergency conditions; and facilitates the operation of emergency notification systems; provides crisis response capabilities under the guidelines of emergency management operational procedures.

Essential Functions:

  • Provides a safe and secure campus environment: conducts patrols of designated areas to deter and detect criminal activities; impartially investigates suspected crimes and/or violations of designated college policy or administrative procedures; collects evidence in compliance with legal and departmental standards; prepares reports and/or written communications in compliance with prevailing legal and departmental standards; prepares for and presents testimony in judicial and/or administrative functions as may be required; apprehends or detains individuals suspected or convicted of applicable criminal laws; enforces applicable criminal and traffic laws through application of the community policing and problem solving model.
  • Provides public safety assistance to campus motorists and pedestrians: impartially investigates and reports automobile and/or pedestrian accidents; assists with automobile lock-out service and jump-starts; administers emergency first aid to injured persons; provides campus escort services upon request; participates in campus or community-based committees or events as designated.
  • Facilitates the operation of emergency notification systems by reporting hazardous conditions and adverse weather alerts.
  • Performs duties of the College Police Dispatcher when necessary.
  • Uses and maintains competency in all police patrol-related skills and knowledge, including but not limited to the following: emergency vehicle operations in emergency and non-emergency situations; radio communications equipment; duty firearm(s);less-than-lethal technologies; de-escalation techniques; tactical communications skills; and basic defensive tactics skills.
  • Conducts investigations involving suspected criminal offenses and/or violations of designated provisions of college policies or administrative procedures.
  • Performs other job related duties as assigned.


  • High school diploma or equivalent (G.E.D.).
  • 21 years of age and a citizen of the United States.
  • Valid Missouri drivers’ license without record of revocation or felony convictions.
  • Valid Class A Missouri Peace Officer’s License (P.O.S.T.) at time of hiring offer, with no current disciplinary action stemming from or through the Missouri Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission (POST).
  • Applicant must submit to a thorough background investigation which includes drug screening, criminal background check and character reference assessment.
  • Ability to pass a firearms qualification course as determined by the college.
  • Must be able to walk and/or stand for long periods of time in excess of one (1) hour.
  • Must have sufficient vision, hearing, and/or neuromuscular capabilities to successfully complete periodic firearms training/qualification, defensive tactics training/qualification, and other skill-related training as may be required to perform the scope of duties within the police patrol function.
  • Must have the ability to lift or carry in excess of 25lbs.
  • Must be able to walk, bend, stoop, crawl or climb, and have functional hearing.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Experience working in an educational institution,
  • Prior military experience with an honorable discharge,
  • 3 or more years serving as a commissioned police officer,
  • Experiences as an F.T.O., detective, supervisor or related specialized training, school resource officer,
  • Knowledge of the Clery Act and/or Title IX.