Chief of Police

Vallejo, CA
Vallejo Police Department
Salary: $215,223.73-$261,605.80 Annually

Candidates inspired by the desire to use their talents and ability to make a lasting impact upon a community will not find a more attractive opportunity than the City of Vallejo, California. Ideally located in the very desirable San Francisco Bay Area, the City is conducting a national search for its next Chief of Police. The Chief will have the opportunity to lead an organization through challenges and make impacts that will last long beyond his/her tenure.

$215,223.73 – $261,605.80 Annually

7/29/2019 5:00 PM Pacific


In addition to being highly ethical and well qualified, certain traits will be essential for success in Vallejo:
● The City desires a highly communicative leader who can rally support around common values and goals
and effectively build relationships across a diverse City organization and community.
● A commitment to the principles of President Obama’s Task Force Report on 21st Century Policing:
Building Trust and Legitimacy, Policy and Oversight, Technology and Social Media, Community Policing
and Crime Reduction, Training and Education, and Officer Safety and Wellness.
● A willingness to invest him/herself in the community of Vallejo and create genuine connections to the
wide variety of people that make up the community.
● A proven track record of leading an organization in a collective bargaining environment, skilled at creating
a healthy labor-management relationship
● A leadership style characterized by accountability, transparency, and inclusion.
● Experience working cooperatively with the community to address significant policing challenges
in a high-activity urban environment.
● An understanding and appreciation for the diversity of Vallejo, and experience working effectively in a
multicultural, multilingual community. A successful chief will be culturally competent and will never feel
out of place in any community.
● A proven track record of improving diversity through recruitment and succession planning will be seen as
a valuable attribute