Chief of Police

Oxford, MD
Oxford Police Department

Salary: $80,000 – $100,000.00 per year.

Position Summary:

An officer at thislevel also performs highly responsible police work requiring sworn status to maintain public peace, protect life and property, enforce laws, and conduct complex investigations under general supervision according to established Department procedures. A significant aspect of this work involves public contact with the community, and therefore, duties must be performed in a tactful and conscientious manner.
An officer in this class may be responsible for, on a rotating shift basis, enforcing statutes, laws, and regulations for which the Department is held responsible. Work contains considerable risk and the officer must be able to take appropriate action under stress.

Essential Functions:

  • Consults with the Town Manager and formulates policies and regulations governing activities of the Police
  • Plans, directs and supervisesthe enforcement of laws and ordinancesfor the protection of life and property.
  • Controlsthe expenditure of Department appropriations and prepares annual budget estimates of needs.
  • Cooperates with County, State and Federal law enforcement in the detection, apprehension, and detention of wanted persons and with other agencies where activities of the Department are involved.
  • Representsthe Department as primary public relations agent and authoritative spokesperson in public forums and governmental functions.
  • Reviews discipline problems within the Department and acts asthe final authority on appropriate department
  • Reviews and resolves, when possible, all appeals or grievances within the Department.
  • Analyzes police records and discusses crime situations with personnel to identify crime problems within town;
    defines objectives, develops method of approach, and schedules activities to overcome or reduce crime problems identified.
  • Patrols areas in police cruiser, bicycle or on foot; maintains radio contact with Emergency Communication
    Center (ECC); reports crimes or unusual situations; responds to calls or initiates action, as appropriate.
  • Analyzes traffic data and discusses traffic situations with personnel to identify traffic problems within town;
    defines objectives, develops method of approach, and schedules activities to overcome or reduce traffic problems identified.
  • Operates police cruiser and radar units in areas having high rates of traffic law violations, maintains radio
    contact with Emergency Communications Center (ECC) to report traffic and other problems; responds to calls or initiates action as appropriate.
  • Responds to calls involving particular types of criminal violations as assigned; coordinates efforts of investigators and patrol officers at scene of crimes; interviews and counsels victims; works with medical examiner to determine cause of death, if appropriate; searches area for evidence; catalogs, packages, and transports evidence to laboratory for examination; canvasses area to locate and interview possible witnesses; interviews informants and other known sources of information; analyzes crime statistics and police records for possible leads.
  • Coordinates and assists in stake-outs and surveillances; obtains search warrants and conducts searches; recovers stolen property; obtains arrest warrants and makes arrests; searches suspects for weapons and evidence; advises suspects of rights; transports suspects to police station; fingerprints, photographs, and interrogates suspects.
  • Writes police reports; conducts line up and photographic identification sessionsto determine whether victims and witnesses can identify suspects; maintains detailed record of all aspects of investigation, assists in preparation of cases for trial; testifies in court as needed; travels outside County to coordinate investigations with other jurisdictions as needed.


  • Experience: Extensive (five (5) years) experience in police administration work with at least four (4) years in a
    managerial orsupervisory capacity which included responsibility for fund and budget administration, program planning, implementation and administration. The applicantshall have served as a professionally qualified and experienced police officer.
  • Education: Graduation from an accredited college or university with an Associate’sDegree in Law Enforcement, Public Administration or a related field is preferred.
  • Equivalency: An equivalent combination of education, job related training, and experience may be substituted.
  • Certification: Possess Police Officer Certification from the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission. Possess or have the ability to obtain an MPCTC First-Line Administrator training within one year of appointment.