Chief of Campus Police

Tallahassee, FL
Tallahassee Community College

Position Summary:

The Chief of Campus Police will provide senior leadership in directing, planning, organizing, coordinating, and evaluating the College’s Campus Police Department and report directly to the Vice President of Administrative Services & Chief Business Officer.

Essential Functions:

  • Administers public safety work in directing all facets of police operations, consults with the Vice President of Administrative Services concerning plans and procedures to be observed in police operations, and except for general administrative direction, works independently in carrying out police functions.
  • Plans and administers the law enforcement and security activities for the Tallahassee Community College Police Department which includes the satellite facilities in the surrounding areas.
  • Represents the department on College committees and at meetings, acts as liaison with national, state, county, and local law enforcement agencies and maintains and/or oversees the scheduling and staffing of all law enforcement and security related functions or requests.
  • Ensures quality of service rendered by supervisors and subordinates and the delivery of police services is in accordance with Department and College polices.
  • Reviews reports and other submitted paperwork for accuracy and competency, for criminal and student judicial cases and develops and implements policies, analyzes and plans for proper budget utilization, and proper allocation of personnel, supplies, and equipment.
  • Coordinates and cooperates with other staff and personnel in the development of procedures to improve operations, technology, morale, discipline, training, and other functions necessary to improve the efficiency of the Department.
  • Conducts continuous analysis of crime to determine the location, time special characteristics, similarities to other criminal activity and identify any patterns of behavior to implement corrective counter measures.
  • Conduct surveys and interviews persons in the College community to ensure the availability of information in anticipation of future demands on police and security services. Responds to citizen complaints, and when deemed appropriate, conducts Internal Affairs investigations. Performs other duties as assigned by the College President or Vice President of Administrative Services.


  • Must meet current requirements of Chapter 943.13, Florida Statues for certification as a Florida law enforcement officer and have ten (10) years of sworn law enforcement experience, five (5) of which must have been in a management and/or administrative capacity.
  • Must possess an earned baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university supplemented by extensive training in police science and administration.