Certified Police Officer

Port Arthur, TX
Port Arthur Police Department

The City of Port Arthur is now accepting applications from Certified Police Officer candidates!

The online application must be completed for consideration!

Hiring Procedure for Lateral Entry Candidates – Applicants who are already certified by TCOLE as determined shall be subject to a hiring procedure as determined by the Police Chief, which shall include, at minimum the following components: (1) background investigation; (2) polygraph examination; (3) oral interview board appointed by Police Chief; and (4) Chief’s interview.

Compensation for lateral entry employees may be placed on salary scale for Police Officer up to the seven (7) year level, but no more than their actual commissioned law enforcement tenure at the discretion of the Police Chief, taking into account the lateral entry employees’ law enforcement background and experience, previous law enforcement compensation, the needs of the Port Arthur Police Department and any other factors determined pertinent by the Police Chief.

Limitation on Classification of Lateral entry employees. Lateral entry hiring shall be done only into the Patrol Officer classification, and not into higher ranks.

Longevity and Seniority Pay. Lateral entry hires shall not receive enhanced longevity or seniority payments due to their placement on the Patrol Officers’ pay scale, but shall earn longevity and seniority pay based only upon their service in the Port Arthur Police Department.

Probationary Period for Lateral Entry Employees. Lateral entry employees shall serve a probation period for one year as their date of hire, and may be terminated without civil service or CBA appeal rights during the probationary period.