Certified Police Officer

Bal Harbour, FL
Bal Harbour Police Department

Salary: $67,571.05.

Position Summary:

The police officer performs general police functions in the prevention of crime, protection of life and property, and apprehension of criminal offenders, through the enforcement of laws and ordinances and the maintenance of community order through the performance of numerous human services, as well as providing general information and assistance to the public.

Essential Functions:

  • The police officer is under the direct supervision of a sergeant or officer-in-charge performing a wide variety of police and law enforcement duties including the protection of property, crime detection, and public safety.
  • The officer is responsible for the use of independent judgment in the application of police principles, and knowledge of laws in responding to emergency or difficult situations, and other work as required.
  • Patrolling the streets of the Village on a routine basis in a marked vehicle, all-terrain vehicle, and bicycle or on foot, as assignment dictates.
  • Responding to priority calls regarding public disturbances, criminal, civil, or emergency situations.
  • Direction of activities on site until relieved by competent authority. Providing emergency medical assistance within training, controlling traffic, and otherwise ensuring attention is given to public safety.
  • Assists in controlling crowds.
  • Provides police presence during special events.
  • Detection and prevention of criminal activities by surveillance of assigned residential and beach areas.
  • Notes possible criminal occurrences and take steps to prevent criminal action.
  • Promotes crime prevention by initiating contact with residents including explaining applicable laws, soliciting cooperation in crime reporting, and otherwise creating a good rapport with Village residents.
  • Investigates crime scenes or accidents and assists other officers. Protects evidence, takes testimony from witnesses, and assists detective in specialized investigations.
  • Enforces traffic laws and vehicle codes and promotes traffic safety.


  • Have a State of Florida Basic Law Enforcement Certification-active and in good standing.
  • Have completed Basic Law Enforcement Training and received PASSING results in all sections of the State Certification exam.
  • Two (2) years experience in police work, law enforcement and related functions.
  • Possession of a valid Florida Driver’s License and acceptable driving record.
  • Cannot have any felony convictions or disqualifying criminal histories.
  • Must be of good moral character and of temperate and industrious habits.
  • Be at least 21 years of age and be a standard high school graduate or its “equivalent” as the term may be determined by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC). Fla. Stat. 943.13 (1) and (3).
  • Be a United States citizen prior to appointment. Fla Stat. 943.13(2). Applicants who are not United States citizens must have applied for citizenship by application closing date.