Certified Peace Officer

Cibolo, TX
Cibolo Police Department


Candidates must be TCOLE certified and meet one of the following:

  • Pass each step of the selection process including a thorough background investigation
  • Pass a written examination
  • Pass physical readiness testing
  • Possess a valid driver’s license not in jeopardy of suspension or revocation


Hourly Annual Police Officer $27.46 $57,116

Incentive Pay

Certification Levels: Intermediate: $ 40 per pay period Advanced: $ 80 per pay period Master’s: $ 120 per pay period

Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS):

Employee contribution: 7%

City matches 2:1 with 5 years vesting Retirement Eligibility:

  • Age 60+ vested; or
  • 20 years of service, any age

Longevity Pay

After one fiscal year of employment, employees will receive an annual payment of $120 per year of employment for the first 25 years of continuous employment. Qualified employees receive longevity payments each November.

Officer Issued Equipment

  • Body Armor
  • Duty Weapon: Glock 17, 9mm
  • Uniforms and outerwear
  • All leather gear, excluding boots
  • Portable radio with charger