Capitol Police Officer – Entry Level

Hartford, CT
CGA State Capitol Police Department

Salary: $66,594.

Closing Date: 5/29/2024.

Position Summary:

Delivers professional and effective police services to provide a safe and secure environment for legislators, legislative staff and visitors to the State Capitol Complex.

Reports to and works under the direct supervision of a State Capitol Police senior officer, corporal, or sergeant. May also work directly for a lieutenant or the Chief of Police.

Essential Functions:

1. Assigned to Operational and/or Administrative positions as directed by the Chief of Police;
2. Respond to calls for police service or assistance;
3. Required to investigate crimes, make arrests, and subdue individuals;
4. Patrol on foot, by car, or bike if qualified; establish a visible police presence to prevent crime, detect situations requiring police assistance, and render assistance to the public;
5. Provide emergency medical assistance to sick or injured persons;
6. Direct traffic and enforce parking rules and regulations;
7. Interview complainants, victims, and witnesses at the scene of a crime or other incident to gather relevant information;
8. Ensure that order is maintained at legislative hearings and public meetings; responds to complaints of disturbances or disorderly behavior and takes appropriate action;
9. Investigate complaints to determine whether criminal activity has taken place and the appropriate level of enforcement action needed;
10. Exercise judgment to determine whether an arrest should be made and complete the necessary paperwork and procedures when processing an arrested party;
11. Writes reports in narrative form describing events, activities, investigations, or enforcement action taken;
12. Prepare cases for court or give deposition testimony regarding the facts of a case;
13. Maintain police related skills and abilities at an acceptable level; take part in in-service training programs;
14. Provide field training to new recruits as needed;
15. Maintain issued equipment in operating condition;
16. Answer telephones, operate a police radio, receive and dispatch calls for service;
17. Monitor the access control, intrusion detection and CCTV systems;
18. Interact with legislators, legislative staff and citizens;
19. Other lawful tasks as directed by the by the senior officer, corporal, sergeant, lieutenant or the Chief of Police.


  • Must possess a valid Connecticut Driver’s License
  • Must be able to fire and qualify with a State Capitol Police service firearm.
  • Ability to think quickly and act decisively in emergency situations.
  • Must be able to communicate concise and written instructions.
  • Must possess excellent interpersonal skills when dealing with staff, legislators and the public.
  • Must be able to read written reports prepared by officers and supervisors, and written communications received from the public.
  • Must be able to work a variety of hours, including night hours.
  • Must possess good physical condition and good health, stamina, strength, and endurance.
  • Must successfully complete and pass the Connecticut Police Officers Standards and Training Council basic police academy curriculum.