Campus Police Officer

Pittsburgh, PA
Point Park University
Salary: $-$

DEPARTMENT: Public Safety

REPORTS TO: Assistant Vice President of Public Safety/Chief of Police


This position provides law enforcement and public safety services to the University community.  It is a sworn position and requires the carrying of a firearm. A Police Officer in the Point Park University Public Safety Department patrols assigned areas of property used, owned, or occupied by Point Park University. Police Officer in the Point Park University Public Safety Department patrols assigned areas of property used, owned, or occupied by Point Park University and any public property adjacent to university property. The primary objective of the Campus Police Officer is to provide a safe and secure environment for all members of the University community by means of an alert and vigilant prevention patrol. In addition, they must be equally concerned with delivery of a wide variety of services consistent with needs of the university, it administrative staff, its faculty, students, and visitors. To effectively accomplish these purposes, all Campus Police Officers must have a clear understanding of their powers, duties and responsibilities and conduct themselves at all times within the lawful limitations of their authority.



  1. Have the responsibility and obligation to uphold the Constitution and laws of the United States of America, the Constitution and laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Laws and Regulations of Allegheny County, and the Policy and Procedures of Point Park University.
  2. Have the responsibility to obey and carry out the orders of the Chief of Police and all other Supervisory Officers, thoroughly, cheerfully, and promptly, whether such orders are verbal or written.
  3. Maintain peace, order, and morality, protect persons and property, prevent crime, and apprehend criminals within Point Park University areas.
  4. Investigate all crime, protect crime scenes, collect and preserve evidence, investigate accidents, unlawful acts, make legal arrests of offenders, and serve warrants and subpoenas when required.
  5. Review reports of investigations and recommend further action as necessary.
  6. Be familiar with and enforce Point Park University Rules and Regulations, and procedures of the Department.
  7. Shall respond to and record all calls, incidents, and complaints reported to them in any matter, or discovered by them as directed by Rules and Procedures.
  8. Carry out vigorous patrol of the assigned area, being constantly alert to observe those conditions of things that promote criminal activity and other incidents that require police service by answering all calls, disposing of all complaints in a professional manner, and recording such actions as required by the Department policy.
  9. On occasion, will be required to perform dispatching responsibilities.
  10. Demonstrates and reflects an understanding of and commitment to the mission and core values of Point Park University.
  11. Knowledge of proper use and care of radio, radio equipment, telephone, computer, Fire-Access-CCTV monitoring systems.
  12. Perform other related duties and responsibilities as required or assigned.


This position requires a working knowledge of Pennsylvania law, a strong interpersonal communications aptitude, customer service orientation, and a collaborative interfacing with all University personnel.

The incumbent must possess: 

  • The ability to work independently in prioritizing work and emergency calls and keep accurate records,
  • The ability to problem solve constructively, understand and follow directions as well as give directions.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • The ability to work with a diverse population.

The initiative for self directed accomplishment is essential.