Campus Police Officer I

Worcester, MA
Quinsigamond Community College

Salary: $1,820.73 ($47,338.98 annually).

Open Until Filled

Position Summary:

Patrol campus buildings, grounds and adjacent areas of the College; enforce State laws as well as the rules and regulations of the College; deliver confidential/sensitive material; perform related work as required.

Campus Police Officers report to the Chief of Campus Police and/or designee (i.e. Deputy Chief of Police Operations)

Essential Functions:

  • Patrols the buildings and grounds of the College and adjacent areas on foot or in a patrol vehicle to ensure the security of buildings and grounds and to guard against trespass, theft, damage to property, fire and injury to individuals.
  • Maintains order amongst visitors and students; directs traffic and parking of automobiles; provides information as needed.
  • Exercises police powers in the detection and apprehension of law violators; investigates accidents and complaints.
  • Transports college documents to state agencies and other locations as required, safeguards and transports moneys to banks.
  • Performs police duties at plays, dances and other functions.
  • Prepares reports on investigations conducted and noteworthy incidents occurring during tours of duty; Passes on all important information regarding incidents that happen on tour of duty to relief officer.
  • Operates such equipment as two-way radios, radio-telephone interconnect, telephone beeper, facsimile machines, base stations, emergency and medical equipment and office machines, MDT and Radar.
  • Cooperates and shares information with related agencies.
  • Determines whether violation has occurred and what course of action to follow (e.g., arrest, warning, call for assistance, etc.); interrogates suspects.
  • Determines course of action to be taken in emergency situations.
  • Assesses road conditions to determine need for snow removal and sanding.
  • Locks or unlocks doors, gates, etc.
  • Recommends protective measures to prevent vandalism, fire or other hazardous situations.
  • Perform other duties consistent with Massachusetts Department of Personnel Administration Classification Specifications for Campus Police Officer I.
  • Carries on his/her person a departmental issues firearm while on official duty, and attends required trainings on it use.
  • Actively support the teaching and learning process; practicing honesty and integrity in and out of the classroom; strive to create and support a student-centered environment while fostering academic innovation and excellence.
  • Work actively with other areas of the college to ensure a spirit of college wide collaboration, collegiality, civility, and teamwork. Respect the function of dissent in an academic institution while advancing a collegial atmosphere of campus collaboration.
  • Embrace the ideals of diversity and inclusiveness and support the equal rights of all people by advancing the understanding and appreciation of differences including age, race, gender, ability, religious convictions, socio-economic status, ethnic heritage, or sexual orientation.
  • Provide flexible, responsive and high quality service to all, be they students, community, or staff, and continuously assessing processes and procedures and revising accordingly.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Considered essential personnel.


  • Knowledge of the principles and correct usage of the English language including grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  • Some knowledge of police procedures and practices and fire prevention methods. Some knowledge of law of arrest and criminal procedures in lower courts.
  • Ability to maintain student discipline, deal with the public, recognize fire hazards and to walk long hours alone, indoors and out, under varying climatic conditions.
  • High School Diploma or GED equivalent.
  • Possession of a current valid Massachusetts Class D Motor Vehicle Operator’s License.
  • Appointee must be eligible for appointment as a Special State Police Officer under chapter 22C, Section 63 of the Massachusetts General Laws and must be eligible to become POST Certified, undergoing an extensive background investigation and CORI Check. State and National Background Check, including fingerprinting and employment history and a negative check of the candidate on the National Decertification Index.
  • Must pass a police entry level psychological screening.
  • Completed a full time Campus Police Academy and/or fulltime MPTC training academy or the ability to successfully pass the Physical Agility Testing, medical examination, pre-screening (which includes a physical endurance testing) and successfully complete MPTC Full Recruit Academy. Failure to meet the entrance requirements or to successfully complete the course of training shall result in dismissal or, for lateral appointment within the bargaining unit, return to previously held position in accordance with the AFSCME Agreement.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Working knowledge of the building and grounds of the College and of its rules and regulations.
  • Ability to speak Spanish and/or Vietnamese.
  • POST Certified.
  • First responder/ CPR / EMT certified.
  • Associate Degree in Criminal Justice or related field.
  • Certifications as an instructor in areas of defensive tactics, firearms, or first responder.
  • Current LTC with the city or town of residency.