Campus Police Officer

Dyersburg, TN
The College System of Tennessee

Salary: $34,400 annually ($17.65 per hour).

Closing Date: May 1 2024.

Position Summary:

The Patrol Officer (Police Officer 1) supports students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors by monitoring activity on campus for the purpose of maintaining peace and enforcing laws and supports the college by ensuring a safe educational and work environment. Northwest TCAT Newbern Campus is the home campus for this position. However, officers are occasionally required to perform duties and functions at other DSCC or TCAT campuses.

Essential Functions:

  • Performs foot and vehicle patrols of campus to preserve the peace and enforce the rules and regulations of the college, state, federal and local laws, directs and manages vehicular traffic, secures and unlocks campus areas as needed.
  • Responds to calls for service; investigates motor vehicle incidents, criminal offenses, and non-criminal incidents; and takes appropriate law enforcement or investigative action. Monitors and reviews security camera recordings to assist in investigations and to ensure safety for the campus community. Local laws, directs and manages vehicular traffic, secures and unlocks campus areas as needed.
  • Conducts investigations of crimes or incidents committed or occurring on campus; seeks out and questions victims, witnesses, and suspects; develops leads and tips; searches crime scenes; analyzes and evaluates evidence; arrests offenders; prepares cases for giving testimony and testifies in court and disciplinary proceedings.
  • Assists students, faculty, staff, and visitors as needed and otherwise protects and serves. Assists with emergency planning for the campuses. Participates in emergency management and safety training and coordination. Conducts safety equipment checks as assigned. Maintains Tennessee P.O.ST certification by attending training as necessary. Attends additional training as required and needed for the college and department.
  • Develops and maintains a positive and professional rapport with local emergency response agencies representing the college and department in a professional manner.
  • Prepares and maintains various reports and records as required.
  • May perform other duties as required and/or assigned.


  • High school diploma.
  • Must be currently Tennessee P.O.S.T certified or left a full time Tennessee P.O.S.T certified employment within the last three years and certification status must be in good standing (Note: If P.O.S.T is not current then a physical and psychological examination is required upon acceptance).
  • Must meet or exceed the minimum standard requirements as per TCA 38-8-106.
  • Official background check is required prior to a job offer being made.
  • Knowledge of campus policies and campus jurisdictional areas.
  • Knowledge of city, county, and state laws and court proceedings.
  • Knowledge of effective methods of investigation and police/security work.
  • Ability to operate law-enforcement equipment.
  • Ability to meet institutional and local area requirements related to arrest authority and weapons use.
  • Possess a basic knowledge of computer equipment and Microsoft Office applications (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).

Preferred Requirements:

  • Associate degree or higher in Criminal Justice Technology or related field.
  • At least two years of law enforcement experience.