Campus Police Officer

Lawrenceville, GA
Georgia Gwinnett College

Position Summary:

As a sworn Peace Officer, this position creates and maintains a safe and secure environment for community members to engage in pursuit of for higher education, visitation of guests, and security of campus properties. This position performs all duties expected of a sworn police officer in performance of a full range of public safety enforcement, security, and campus services. This position is a designated position of trust and is typically a direct report to a Division Sergeant or Lieutenant.

Essential Functions:

  • Responds (vehicle or by foot) to reported incidents and emergencies; conducts preliminary and follow-up investigations of crimes, traffic offenses, parking violations, and policy infractions. Intervenes and interviews individuals, or conducts surveillance of individuals, to investigate the cause of accidents, incidents, disturbances, unlawful acts, traffic violations, and policy infractions; intervenes and interviews individuals; apprehends and prosecutes criminal offenders; prepares reports for legal prosecution or referral to appropriate campus service; accurately inputs record management data; prepares affidavits for arrest and search warrants; provides victim and witness assistance; secures and investigates incident scenes to identify, collect and preserve evidence; arrests and transports offenders; prepares and submits affidavits for arrest and search warrants; prepares reports for legal prosecution or referral to appropriate campus service; and, attends and testifies in court, grand jury and/or college as needed.
  • Provides community-oriented police services by working with employees, students or visitors to address issues of safety, crime, crime prevention and campus community problems; responds to injured or sick persons or persons possibly in critical, life threatening circumstances to render first aid or to perform other life-saving acts; coordinates responses of emergency rescue units; evacuates or limits access of persons from potentially dangerous locations; and, performs other duties as dictated by time, place and circumstances, or as directed by supervisor.
  • Physically controls violent persons (when needed) and exercises good judgment, discretion, and self-control in the discharge of duties on a college campus without immediate supervision; maintains confidentiality of all other forms of printed, digital, or computerized information available, discovered, or revealed during employment.
  • Directs traffic on campus property, or a roadway using hands, traffic vests, and flashlights, and may move and set up barricades and traffic cones to form directional lanes for vehicular travel; may be required to physically push disabled vehicles from traffic accidents; and, provide mutual aid to other agencies as authorized.
  • Duties are typically performed under general supervision and frequently performed in hazardous conditions, inclement weather, and in various lighting conditions. May direct traffic, move and set up barricades and traffic cones. May provide mutual aid to other agencies.
  • Routinely monitor activities either by personal observations, or by camera recordings, and radio; review and correct reports, hold informative discussions and perform inspection of uniforms, issued equipment, and vehicles; evaluate the ability to satisfactorily perform assigned tasks.
  • Scheduled hours may be day shift, evening shift or morning shift, and may include working weekends, holidays, and overtime. There may be sudden changes to work assignments due to reassignment to a specialized police unit or division, a campus or community emergency, a special event or other activity that may require 10 or 12 hour shifts; may be required to occasionally perform limited duties normally associated with a sergeant, or assume the duties of a Campus Security Officer, Communications Officer, or other duties as deemed necessary.
  • Duties and responsibilities will vary by division assignment, unit or program of Public Safety; performs other duties as assigned.


  • High School or GED.
  • Selected applicants must satisfactorily complete pre-employment criminal history check (no felony convictions, or domestic violence related convictions, or convictions of crimes of moral turpitude, or convictions of serious traffic offenses), background check, physical, drug test, physical agility test (if applicable), polygraph exam, psychological exam and credit history check.
  • Must possess and a maintain a valid, unrestricted, Georgia Driver’s license.
  • Twenty-one years of age or older.
  • GAPOST certified peace officer in good standing as defined by GAPOST Council. (A current GAPOST professional profile must be submitted as part of the application process).
  • Applicants certified as a law enforcement officer by an agency other than GAPOST may be considered. Such applicants must submit professional law enforcement certification(s) and a current, official professional profile and training record from certifying state or agency.
  • Applicants not certified as GAPOST peace officers may be considered, and must meet qualifications for GAPOST Peace Officer Basic Mandate Academy admission as part of the pre-employment process, and satisfactorily complete Peace Officer certification training within one (1) year of employment.
  • All certified applicants must submit law enforcement certification(s) and a current official certification profile and denote applicant as being in good standing, unblemished by prior termination, resignation in lieu of termination, investigation, suspension, probation, unpaid fees or delinquent training requirements.

Preferred Requirements:

  • 2 Year / Associate Degree.
  • 4 Year / Bachelor’s Degree.