Campus Police Officer

Morgantown, WV
West Virginia University

The University Police Department at West Virginia University is seeking applications for a Campus Police Officer position. The primary purpose for these positions is to support the University by establishing and maintaining a safe atmosphere for the faculty, staff, students and visitors at WVU by providing police and security services.


In order to be successful, the ideal candidate will:
• Patrol assigned area on campus to observe persons and property to reduce and prevent criminal activities.
• Advise public on ways to make them more secure and seeks public support for crime prevention.
• Patrol campus, direct traffic and provide crowd control during special events such as concerts, athletic events and other similar activities which draw large crowds of people.
• Enforce all federal, state and University laws, rules and regulations.
• Investigate criminal complaints and both traffic and non-traffic accidents in conjunction with the Investigative Unit by collecting and preserving evidence, interviewing witnesses and interrogating suspects, searching records, and surveillance activities.
• Testify in court or University hearing to knowledge of or actions taken in regard to matters of interest to the courts or University.
• Watch for fire, fire hazards, safety hazards, and other dangerous or damaging situations and respond appropriately.
• Administer first-aid to injured or sick persons and provide or arrange for necessary transportation.
• Escort persons making cash deposits, ensuring the safety of those individuals transporting large sums of money.
• Assist the general public by answering inquiries, providing directions and other similar general service activities.
• Operate the communications dispatch unit.
• Perform special protective assignments with particular persons or property.


• Associates degree required or equivalent criminal justice experience (civilian or military)
• Preference will be given to candidates with greater amounts of directly related criminal justice experience
• Preference given to certified training or completion of this Department’s field training program
• Preference maybe given to already certified candidates
• Must be able to maintain law enforcement officer certification
• Selected candidate(s) must establish residency and have a valid West Virginia driver’s license within 90 days of contingent offer before official hire date