Campus Police Officer

Winston-Salem, NC
Forsyth Tech Community College

The Campus Police Officer will provide safety and security for students, staff, and faculty and enforce all rules and regulations of the college as directed, including state and federal laws. Note: The Campus Police are governed under Chapter 115D, Community Colleges Section115D-21.1. “Campus Law Enforcement Agencies.” The board of trustees of any community college may establish a campus law enforcement agency and employ campus police officers. These officers shall meet the requirements of Chapter 17C of the General Statutes, shall take the oath of office prescribed by Article VI, Section 7 of the Constitution, and shall have all the powers of law enforcement officers generally. The territorial jurisdiction of a campus police officer shall include all property owned or leased to the community college employing the officer and that portion of any public road or highway passing through the property and immediately adjoining it, wherever located.”

The salary for this role will be commensurate with experience.


• Maintain a working knowledge of general law enforcement, including but not limited to the general enforcement of the criminal laws of the State of North Carolina, and specific Campus Police Department procedures.
• Prevent, detect, and deter crime on all Forsyth Tech campuses.
• Enforce the criminal and traffic laws of the State of North Carolina.
• Enforce the local ordinances of the City of Winston-Salem.
• Respond to calls for service which may necessitate taking some form of action up to and including arrests for violations of the law.
• Investigate and/or coordinate the investigation of all crimes on Forsyth Tech campuses.
• Collect and secure evidence concerning crimes on Forsyth Tech campuses.
• Make recommendations to Forsyth Tech faculty and staff concerning crime prevention.
• Serve warrants and other criminal papers.
• Observe and inspect all aspects of campus safety and refer hazards/violations to appropriate department or individual (Supervisor, Chief of Campus Police, Maintenance Department, etc.).
• Provide assistance to any individual in need of medical attention.
• Enforce all campus parking and traffic regulations.


Minimum Qualifications
• High school diploma or GED certificate.
• Valid Driver’s License with a driving record in good standing
• Successful law enforcement experience.
• Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) certification.
• Must be willing to work the day, evening, or third shift as needed.
• Certification in CPR and first aid.
• If selected, successfully pass a thorough police background investigation by completing the following forms: NC Criminal Justice Training & Standards Form F-3 and F-8
• Willingness to perform all essential job functions on any Forsyth Tech Campus.

Preferred Qualifications
• Knowledge of general statutes and state & local laws.
• Successful law enforcement experience on a college/university campus.