Campus Police Officer

Jamestown, NC
Guilford Technical Community College

Job Description

The jobholder is a certified police officer with the power of arrest who responds to students, faculty/staff and citizen calls for service on an assigned campus at Guilford Technical Community College, enforcing criminal and traffic laws and local ordinances and college rules, regulations and directives. S/he investigates and writes reports of incidents and conducts preliminary investigations of those incidents, investigates traffic accidents on campus, patrols campus buildings and grounds, enforces parking regulations, enforces towing regulations, locks and unlocks buildings, responds to medical emergencies, collects and secures evidence, testifies in court, and serves criminal papers. S/he also works with school and community policing programs in an effort to solve problems that generate crime and to identify and solve safety and security issues. S/he may work any shift on any campus and may be required to be on call when not on duty. Key elements of this job are trustworthiness, dependability and the ability to project a positive public image.


  • Coordinate all law enforcement, security and safety matters with his/her supervisor through the direction of the GTCC Chief of Campus Police.
  • Plan his/her workday so all assignments can be completed in a timely and professional manner, i.e. traffic enforcement, parking enforcement, security of buildings, etc
  • Handle special events that are a part of the daily activity at the college and must plan accordingly to accommodate these activities.
  • Patrol an assigned campus within the Guilford Technical Community College system.
  • Respond to calls for service, which may necessitate taking some form of action up to and including arrests for violations of the law.
  • Respond to both burglar and fire alarms on the campus.
  • Unlock and secure buildings on a regular schedule and as needed to accomplish the business of the college.
  • Conduct preliminary investigations on incidents and complete written reports on them according to departmental policy.
  • Assist with the support and implementation of all policies, procedures and authorized activities of the college.
  • Work with school and community policing programs in an effort to solve problems th


Education Required

  • The minimum education requirement for a Campus Police Officer is to be a high school graduate or have completed and passed a G.E.D certification program—this requirement is mandated by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission.
  • A candidate for employment as a Campus Police Officer must have successfully completed an accredited Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) Program and be ready to be certified by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission as a police officer.

Experience Preferred

  • Prior experience as a Law Enforcement Officer.
  • Prior experience working as a Law Enforcement Officer in an educational institutional setting.