Campus Police Officer

Athens, WV
Concord University

Job Summary
To protect and serve the community members of Concord University by enforcing internal policies, federal and state laws which provides a safe environment.

Campus police officers are responsible for maintaining safety and security on Concord University’s campus. They patrol their assigned areas, respond to calls for service, investigate crimes and other incidents, and provide assistance to individuals in need.

Campus police officers must be able to handle a wide range of situations—from responding to emergencies to handling minor infractions. They may also be tasked with providing general assistance to students, faculty, and staff such as giving directions or helping someone who is lost find the right building.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Patrol entire campus to observe persons and property to reduce and prevent criminal activities.
  • Patrol campus, direct traffic and provide crowd control during special events such as athletic events and other similar activities which draw large crowds of people.
  • Enforce all federal, state and University laws, rules and regulations.
  • Investigate criminal complaints and both traffic and non-traffic accidents by collecting and preserving evidence, interviewing witnesses and interrogating suspects, searching records, and surveillance activities.
  • Testify in court or University hearing to knowledge of or actions taken in regard to matters of interest to the courts or University.
  • Watch for fire, fire hazards, safety hazards, and other dangerous or damaging situations and respond appropriately.
  • Administer first-aid to injured or sick persons and provide or arrange for necessary transportation.
  • As needed, escort persons making cash deposits, ensuring the safety of those individuals transporting large sums of money.

Required Licenses/Certification
Associates degree or equivalent law enforcement experience (civilian or military)
WV Certified police applicants preferred.
Non-certified officers applying must complete and pass WV State Police physical standards and if chosen must complete 16-week basic course at the WV State Police academy.

• Valid driver’s license.
• Ability to maintain law enforcement officer certification.
• Ability to pass physical agility testing.
• Following hire, must qualify for, attend, and complete the West Virginia Basic Law Enforcement Academy within one year, if not already qualified.