Airport Police Officer

Melbourne, FL
Melbourne International Airport Police Department


The incumbent performs a variety of law enforcement and security duties, relative to the protection of property, crime prevention and detection, public safety, traffic control, enforcement of the Airport Security Program, Airport Rules and Regulations.

Examples of Duties

  • Performs vehicle and foot patrol of Airport property and terminal buildings, aircraft operation area, streets, roadways, parking lots, and various buildings located on airport property.
  • Responds to calls for service.
  • Controls traffic (both pedestrian and vehicular) and provides for the safety and welfare of the public.
  • Executes security measures in areas deemed appropriate by the Airport Authority to provide for the safety of persons and property involved in air transportation.
  • Performs detection and prevention of criminal activities and violations of the Airport Security Program in all areas of the Airport through use of surveillance/patrol techniques.
  • Promotes understanding and cooperation, explaining applicable laws/regulations, creating a good rapport between the Airport Authority, Airport employees, and the public.
  • Enforces traffic laws, vehicle codes, City Codes (Ordinances), Airport Security Rules and Regulations, and promoting vehicular and pedestrian safety.
  • Prepares daily reports and reports related to law enforcement, Airport Security, and Airport regulations as required.
  • Provides services related to law enforcement and aviation security to include arrests and court testimony.
  • Investigates crime scenes/incidents when assigned.
  • Protects evidence, takes witness testimony, and assists the department or public as appropriate.
  • Operates computer systems designed to provide access to data relating to Airport security identification badges, lock and key control, T-hangar access controls, and employee parking.
  • Maintains proficiency with weapons and utilizes weapons in accordance with use of force standards.