Airport Police Officer

San Angelo, TX
San Angelo Police Department

Salary: $55, 253 per year.

Position Summary:

The candidate must be a certified peace officer in the State of Texas with at least five (5) years’ experience and will need a good working knowledge of all City Ordinances and State Laws especially those pertaining to Airport Property. A successful candidate will need familiarity with Federal Regulations that cover all aspects of the Airport Security Program (49 CFR parts 1540 & 1542 and 14 CFR part 139) or be able to quickly obtain a working knowledge of those regulations. This will include working closely with several Federal, State, and Local Agencies, including but not limited to: Federal Aviation Administration; Department of Homeland Security; Transportation Security Administration; State Law Enforcement; FBI; and Local Law Enforcement. Work is performed under general direction and requires the ability to effectively interact both internally and externally and use considerable initiative and judgement.

Essential Functions:

  • Enforce the laws of the City of San Angelo, State of Texas, and applicable Federal Statutes. The successful candidate must be a self-starter and possess good organizational skills. In addition, a solid working knowledge of computers is required to be able to utilize the wide-range of programs in use by State and Federal agencies. A good working knowledge of Microsoft applications will be required.
  • Prior to employment, the Successful Candidate must pass a Federal Background investigation in order to send and receive Security Threat Assessment’s from the Transportation Security Administration on individuals seeking access inside the Airport property. This would also be necessary to submit Criminal History Record Checks directly to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for individuals seeking access to the secure areas on the Airport. Additional Background checks will be required to obtain access to sites required by the Transportation Security Administration for the security of the Airport.
  • Runs the badging office for the whole airport and issues controlled access media ID under FAA and TSA regulations.
  • Trains alternate airport security coordinators on all aspects of the ASP.
  • Will act as the Airport Security Coordinator (ASC). The Successful Candidate would be required to attend and obtain a certificate from an Airport Security Coordinator (ASC) school within thirty (30) days of being hired. The ASC is responsible to teach the airport badged access class. The ASC is responsible for all security and law enforcement duties at the airport.
  • The Airport Security Coordinator will be responsible for the development and continuous maintenance of the San Angelo Regional Airport Security Program (ASP). This program dictates how all entities operating at the Airport will conduct business as it relates to the security of the Airport. This will include a working knowledge of the Airport Emergency Plan as it relates to this document.
  • The employee will be required to be onsite or immediately available to respond to the Federal Security Checkpoint to assist those officers in enforcement of the Federal Security Directives on prohibited items brought through the TSA checkpoint. A police officer must deal with discovery of criminal violations or the disruption of checkpoint operations.
  • The successful candidate needs a working knowledge of managing a video surveillance system, utilized to record instances that may affect the security of the airport. This system must be monitored and reviewed daily for violations of the Airport Security Program
  • Responsible to monitor sterile area exit lanes for security compliance.
  • Responsible for managing the control point access gate and door system. Controlled access is an essential part of the Airport Security Program for compliance with TSA regulations.
  • Must maintain a current peace officers license, update and maintain all current and updated laws that pertain to the operations of the Airport Police. This includes up to date initial and recurrent training and retention of training records.
  • Coordinate with Airport Management to develop a budget to ensure police and security requirements are met. This will include uniforms, equipment, training needs to maintain the peace officer certificate, maintenance of indoor and outdoor camera systems, controlled access systems, and a perimeter fence with remote gates.
  • Assists airport staff with all aspects of FAR Part 139 requirements. Including but not limited to the Airport Emergency Plan, Airport Certification Manual, wildlife control, airfield inspections, perimeter checks, firearms training, etc.
  • The employee will be responsible for coordination of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies for any criminal investigations or airport emergencies.
  • Hours: Guaranteed 40 hours a week with overtime as needed: may include shift work; must be willing and able to work holidays, nights, and/or weekends as needed.
  • Regular and timely attendance is required.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • High school diploma or GED equivalent (recognized by the Texas Education Agency or a regional accrediting agency.
  • At the time of application, applicants must possess a current and unrestricted Texas Peace Officer’s license (certification) issued by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) or be immediately licensable by TCOLE upon appointment.
  • Must pass a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Security Threat Assessment and Criminal History Records Check (CHRC) upon employment.
  • Must be a certified Airport Security Coordinator, or be able to complete the certification within 30 days of hire.
  • Valid Class ‘C’ Texas Driver’s License.
  • Applicants with an out-of-state driver license must provide an original certified driving record from the state of driving licensure.