911 Telecommunicator

Franklin Township, NJ
Franklin Township

Salary: $37,000.00 Annually.

Position Summary:

Under general supervision, performs work involved in receiving, transmitting and recording police or fire alarms and other messages, calls and signals coming in over the fire or police emergency communication systems. Operates radios, telephones, typewriter and Dictaphone equipment. Performs typing and clerical work of average difficulty and does related work as required. Position is subject to shift work.

Essential Functions:

  • Operates radio transmitters and receivers, telephones, Dictaphone equipment and other emergency communication devices.
  • Receives calls coming over police or fire emergency communication systems, ambulance companies, engineering division, civil defense alerts and tests, State Highway Patrol or over Conelrad.
  • Dispatches manpower and equipment to location where needed in accordance with the preconceived plans or the instructions of the supervisor.
  • Maintains logs.
  • Controls monitoring recording devices.
  • Keeps files of all messages received and sent
  • Types messages, reports and records.
  • Maintain current index of streets and annexations.
  • May operate emergency power equipment in the event of a power failure.


  • Must be familiar with Fire or Police Department rules and regulations.
  • Must have knowledge of location of Township streets, buildings and location of emergency equipment and personnel.
  • Must be able to operate under pressure.
  • Must speak English without an accent or slurring.
  • Must have good vision and hearing and be able to type and write clearly.
  • Possess or be qualified to possess restricted radio/telephone operators permit.
  • Must successfully complete 9-1-1- training courses.
  • Must possess a High School diploma or GED.
  • Previous emergency dispatch experience a plus.