911 Operator

Chamblee, GA
Chamblee Police Department

Salary: $48,8823 – $68,100.

Position Summary:

Performs a variety of routine clerical, administrative and technical work in receiving and dispatching routine and emergency information; receives and responds to police communications by radio. Position works 12 hour shifts.

Essential Functions:

  • Monitors telephones and radio in the facility, answers all incoming calls and ascertains nature of call, gathers all necessary information to transmit or relay.
  • Answersall 911 calls, which include emergency, and non-emergency calls for police, and emergency medical services. Determine the appropriate call types and course of action based on the nature of the calls. Evaluate and prioritize calls based on urgency. React quickly and correctly to emergency situations.
  • Operates computer systems including computer aided dispatch (CAD) with mapping.
  • Dispatches police and broadcasts nature, location, and time of incident.Contacts all required personnel in the event of an emergency situation.Ensures the presence of reserve units by contacting personnel designated for call-back; relays information as required.
  • Appliesdetailed procedures and policies from both structured situations and in non-routine situations that require independent judgement, critical thinking and application of varied procedures and policies.
  • In the event of an emergency situation, maintains on-going contact with responding personnel and informs them of all incoming pertinent information.Keeps track of information such as traffic lights out and streets closed and keeps emergency personnel informed.
  • Receives complaints from public concerning crimes and police emergencies, broadcasts orders to police radio patrol units in vicinity to investigate complaint, and relays instructions or questions from remote units.
  • Receives messages for officers and other department personnel and logs information as necessary.
  • Accesses GCIC & NCIC computer for inquiries into an individual’s background history, registration of vehicles, license checks, criminal history checks, and other relevant information.Logs all criminal history checks.
  • Enters, cancels, and clears information in GCIC & NCIC computers. Enters appropriate information from incident reports, including stolen property, missing persons, etc. Cancels and clears information when it is no longer valid.
  • Records calls broadcast and complaints received in conformance with FCC regulations.
  • Broadcasts information such as weather conditions, hazardous waste spills, Be On the Lookout, and any other vital data. Maintains log of Be On the Lookout and vacation watch information.
  • Completes clerical duties within the court system. This includes bonding paperwork, entering warrants and citations into the system. Maintains reference information for emergency situations.
  • Operates radios as needed and assists in radio communications; operates base radio as required.
  • In an extreme emergency, the E911 Operatormay not be able to leave their position for an extended period of time.


  • Requires a High School diploma or GED equivalent and six (6) months of experience in emergency communications and dispatch, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Must obtain CPR, First Aid, Communications Officer, Basic Jail Training, GCIC and NIMS Certifications and/or other certification(s) as deemed necessary by supervisor.
  • Must possess a valid State Driver’s License.
  • Treats others with dignity and respect and maintains a friendly demeanor; values the contributions of others
  • Writes and speaks effectively, using conventions proper to the situation; asks questions to ensure understanding; exercises a professional approach with others using all appropriate tools of communication; uses consideration and tact when offering opinions
  • Ability to exercise good judgment by making sound and well-informed decisions; perceives the impact and implications of decisions; makes effective and timely decisions, even when data are limited, or solutions produce unpleasant consequences.
  • Ability to develop and maintain partnerships with others, both inside and outside the organization, who can provide information, resources, and advice.Builds constructive working relationships characterized by a high level of acceptance, cooperation, and mutual respect.