911 Dispatcher/Communications Officer

Rockwall, TX
Rockwall County

Salary: $49,000 ANNUALLY/$23.58 HOURLY

Position Summary:

The purpose of this position is to answer emergency 911 and non-emergency calls and coordinate the appropriate response; provide support to field officers and provide administrative support. This is accomplished by prioritizing incoming calls; simultaneously operating a multi-channel radio console and a multi-line telephone while maintaining a computer aided dispatch system among other computer systems.

Essential Functions:

  • Answers, evaluates and prioritizes incoming emergency calls; communicates effectively with various callers to obtain complete information to determine urgency and need for dispatching police, fire and/or medical response using a computer aided dispatch (CAD) system, telephones, multi-channel radio, TDD (text telephone device for hearing/speech impaired), numerous computer databases and maps.
  • Receives, coordinates and disseminates critical information from various sources and maintains radio contact with field units to monitor response, progress and needed support.
  • Simultaneously maintains close contact with field units; communicates with department employees, other law enforcement and criminal justices agencies, emergency service providers and the general public to obtain and disseminate information; monitors radio traffic of other agencies.
  • Enters, updates, requests and transmits information from a variety of sources to maintain current, accurate records or to access databases for information, warrant checks and/or driver’s license and vehicle registration checks.
  • Performs entries and inquiries in computer database related to warrants, protective orders, stolen guns and articles, vehicles, boats, vehicle/boat parts; monitors teletypes and broadcasts and disseminates appropriately; transmits warrant and other confirmations and responds to pick-up notices; and removes warrants and other entries from the database and maintains records of all warrants and other entries.
  • Makes effective decisions and uses problem solving based on a limited amount of information in crisis or emergency situations; obtains information related to possible dangers on the scene such as weapons, narcotics, mental conditions and alcohol; tracks changing locations and maintains contact with caller; sends additional units when needed.
  • May assist with training and the training program for new hires.
  • Greets visitors in person in order to provide assistance or refer to the appropriate staff member or division.
  • Assists with attorney and clergy visitations.
  • Classifies and prioritizes calls to establish and coordinate the proper public safety response.
  • Performs detailed work with a high degree of accuracy during stressful situations.
  • Accurately understands various transmissions and transcribes information from one source to another in a timely manner.
  • Reads and interprets maps for the public, field personnel and other law enforcement/criminal justice agencies in order to assist in locating certain geographical areas; interprets telephone or radio call locations from maps by applying knowledge of the State highway system and geography in order to provide appropriate and timely assistance.
  • Greets visitors in person; provides assistance or refers to the appropriate staff member or division.
  • Provides back-up coverage for the department operator and monitors entrance ways to allow access to visitors.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • High school diploma or equivalent experience.
  • Computer experience; proficient in typing.
  • Valid Texas Driver’s License.
  • Must be available to work all shifts, holidays and weekends.
  • Must obtain Telecommunication Operator certification through the State of Texas and TCIC/NCIC certification by the State of Texas within one year (1) of employment and maintain certification.