911 Dispatcher

Frisco, CO
Summit County Sheriff

Salary: $31.85 – $36.63 Hourly.

Position Summary:

Serves as a professional 911 Dispatcher for Summit County. Works directly with the public, law enforcement, fire and EMS departments, and numerous other public safety agencies by providing a communications link for both emergent and non-emergent responses to incidents.

Essential Functions:

  • Answers incoming radio, telephone, and computer-generated calls of both an emergent and non-emergent nature; ascertains the nature of each situation and appropriately dispatches all necessary personnel and equipment according to jurisdiction and specific standard operating procedures.
  • Maintains incident and status histories accurately in the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system and other records, documenting agency response and location of personnel and equipment.
  • Operates a terminal requesting and reacting to interagency data on a crime information network. Obtains criminal histories, driver histories, enters and maintains warrants, etc., and maintains strict confidentiality of all information relating to it.
  • Maintains a current knowledge and understanding of all departmental policies and procedures, ensuring consistency in responding to situations.
  • Demonstrates proficiency with all required equipment. Performs basic troubleshooting and minor care and maintenance of communication, office, and radio equipment.
  • Performs Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) functions; i.e., relays information to callers to provide immediate medical assistance to a patient or victim.[TD1]
  • Demonstrates ability to function independently, problem solve, and identify appropriate resources to address day-to-day operational situations.
  • Participates in ongoing projects within the dispatch center.
  • Performs related duties as assigned.


  • Able to pass a typing test (30 words per minute).
  • Able to pass dispatch multi-tasking and critical skills tests.
  • Able to pass a criminal background investigation.
  • High school graduate or equivalent.
  • Able to work 40 hours per week of varied shifts for full-time positions, up to 32 hours per week for part-time positions. Per diem positions are required to work a minimum of 10 hours per month and are not to exceed 20 hours per week.