911 Dispatcher

Paw Paw, MI
Van Buren County Sheriff

Position Summary:

The dispatcher position is skilled emergency service work that involves receiving emergency 911 and non-emergency requests for police, fire and EMS assistance. They determine the nature/urgency of calls, initiating first responder action and maintaining close contact with the field units to monitor response and needed support requirements. It requires a considerable degree of initiative and independent judgment within procedural boundaries in responding to emotional, disturbed and sometimes abusive people in a variety of situations. Work may be performed separately or in conjunction with other dispatchers. Dispatchers may assist in training, teaching and basic operational equipment management.

Essential Functions:

  • Receives and responds to emergency and non-emergency calls including enhanced 911, non-emergency calls from the public and agencies via telephone and radio systems.
  • Processes and evaluates information received, prioritizes calls and dispatches required units and/or agencies.
  • Monitors and coordinates radio frequencies.
  • Maintains status and locations of public safety personnel.
  • Creates and maintains logs of public safety communications activity utilizing current technology.
  • Accesses and enters sensitive data in local, state and national databases as necessary for investigative purposes.
  • Maintains appropriate security and confidentiality of sensitive information.
  • Keeps informed of department regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Performs minor maintenance on equipment or notifies proper authorities for repair work.
  • Functions as on duty warning coordinator. Monitors need for and disseminates public warning information as required, according to established plans and procedures.
  • Makes decisions on unusual situations and answers questions as they arise within the Dispatch Center.
  • The role of Dispatcher requires shift work and overtime in accordance with maintaining a fully operational 24-hour facility.


  • The ideal candidate will have one plus years of experience in administrative support, customer service, emergency communications, or in a fast-paced multidiscipline environment.
  • They must be a team player, possess strong keyboarding skills and follow procedures.
  • The ideal candidate will be able to multitask, spell accurately and speak English clearly and concisely.
  • They will possess the ability to exercise good judgment, think quickly, and take notes accurately and legibly.
  • They will have good public relations skills, the ability to file alphabetically and chronologically, work independently and/or in cooperation with other emergency communications personnel, and possess the ability to remember details after the fact.
  • Previous public safety is a plus.
  • Minimum: High school graduation or equivalent.
  • Preferred: 40 hour Basic Telecommunicator Course.
  • Ability to obtain and maintain LEIN Certification.
  • Ability to obtain and maintain EMD / CPR certifications.
  • Ability to complete and maintain State of Michigan minimum training standards for Telecommunicators.
  • Eyesight corrected to 20/20.
  • Hearing in both ears not less than 40db – in accordance to the NENA Hearing standard (54-002).
  • Ability to listen and speak by telephone, in person and two-way radio.
  • Finger and wrist dexterity suitable for typing, keying data into computers, file paperwork and handwriting.
  • Ability to sit for prolonged periods of time.
  • Ability to view and make selections using electronic keypads, switches and mice.
  • Reaching and use of reference books and manuals.
  • Movement from one work station to another quickly.
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • The candidate is required to pass a pre-employment background, physical, drug screening and psychological examination by an approved person of Van Buren County.