911 Communications Dispatcher

Garden City, KS
Garden City Police Department

Salary: $20.58 – $25.08 Hourly.

Closing Date: 6/30/2024.

Position Summary:

The City of Garden City is accepting applications for 911 Communications Dispatcher with the Garden City Police Department. This position provides law enforcement and public safety services to the community to include answering incoming telephone calls, recording information for referral, dispatching of law enforcement, fire, and/or EMS personnel and equipment and performing clerical activities.

Essential Functions:

  • Operation of multi-line telephone equipment. The Communicator is responsible for answering incoming 911 and non-emergency phone calls during the shift. The Communicator must ask vital questions to interpret, analyze and anticipate the caller’s situation as to resolve problems, provide information, dispatch emergency services, or refer callers to other agencies. The Communicator will record the information to insure proper handling, referral or transfer of the call to the appropriate personnel or agency.
  • Prioritizes requests for services. The Communicator will receive and respond to a variety of emergency and non-emergency services and complaints. The communicator will determine and assign the level of priority of the call based on the nature of the request and availability of personnel and will refer the request to the appropriate personnel.
  • Operation of radio console. The Communicator will be responsible for learning the operation of the radio console to effectively monitor and communicate on the numerous frequencies. The Communicator will dispatch and coordinate the response of multiple public-safety agencies to the calls for service, handle the requests for information or assistance from other employees. The Communicator is responsible for learning the various paging procedures as well as the different alert tones used during the course of the shift.
  • Operation of computer. The Communicator will enter calls for service, officer initiated activities, dispositions, responsible party information, alarms, driver’s license and vehicle registration requests, NCIC and warrant checks and other information in to the computer. The Communicator will retrieve information from the computer to provide support to the other divisions or other agencies.
  • Process of reports, calls for service. The Communicator will be responsible for documenting the actions of the officers, deputies, fire personnel and other agencies on the appropriate logs. The Communicator is responsible for checking the accuracy of all calls entered throughout the shift on a daily basis.
  • Knowledge necessary to perform. The Communicator must have knowledge of rules, regulations, and procedures including safety procedures. The Communicator must have knowledge of jurisdictional boundaries, as well as thoroughfares, landmarks and public buildings within the jurisdictions. The Communicator must learn and understand basic dispatch codes as well as standard abbreviations and industry terminology commonly used by emergency medical services and different law enforcement agencies.
  • Clerical activities. The Communicator will be responsible for typing entries into the computer. The Communicator must have the ability to write clearly and spell correctly. Roll call information forms will be forward to the appropriate personnel.
  • Ability to use Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, GIS, RMS, CAD and NCIC.
  • Maintains security and confidentiality of all records.
  • Communication, Personal and Customer Service skills. The Communicator will be a liaison with other divisions, government departments and agencies, community organizations and the general public. Communicators will conduct day-to-day business with several individuals and business throughout the day.
  • This contact generally is to clarify some problem or to coordinate some effort that may involve persons outside this agency. This requires the communicator to effectively communicate with an assortment of individuals in a very courteous manner. The Communicator must use logic and reasoning to reach conclusions and approaches to problems. The Communicator must have the ability to use judgment and decision-making skills to evaluate the situation, establish priorities, and resolve matters. The Communicator must have the ability to think quickly, work under stressful situation, have the ability to actively listen and communicate effectively through clear speech and hearing and have the ability to follow instructions.
  • Presentations. Communicators may be required to conduct public talks on issues affecting law enforcement or society in general. For this reason it is necessary to be well versed on today’s issues.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned.


  • Minimum age 18 on date of examination.
  • No felony convictions.
  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Previous experience in communications or working with the public preferred.
  • Over one year clerical, secretarial or related field preferred.
  • Valid Kansas’s driver’s license required.