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With over a million active police officers in the United States, the police force is one of the largest government employers. As one of the most populous states, California boasts one of the biggest and most well-trained police forces in the country. Becoming a police officer is no easy feat, and candidates are required to take a law enforcement entrance exam when applying. Keep in mind that police officers are responsible for enforcing the law, protecting communities, and upholding peace. This is an immense responsibility, and therefore the screening process is accordingly difficult. I am here to walk you through everything you should know about the California PELLET B Police Exam. We put together a free Pass the PELLET B Webinar.

What Is the California PELLET B Police Exam?

The POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery, more commonly known as the PELLET B, is a police entrance exam selected by the California POST to ensure potential candidates have the skills required to serve as a California police officer. The PELLET B is a language-based exam that consists of 105 questions to be completed in under two hours. The test is comprised of three different sections: writing ability, reading ability, and reasoning ability.

What Is Covered in the Writing Ability Section?

The writing ability section is broken up into three multiple choice sub-sections: clarity, vocabulary, and spelling. In the clarity section, you are given two statements and asked to identify which one is written clearly and correctly. In the vocabulary section, you are presented an underlined vocabulary word embedded in a sentence and asked to choose the best definition. In the spelling section, you are given a sentence with a missing word and asked to choose the correct spelling of that word.

What Is Covered in the Reading Ability Section?

The reading ability section is broken up into two sub-sections: reading comprehension and reading ability. The reading comprehension section consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. You are presented with a passage and asked to answer questions related to the reading. In the reading ability section, you are presented with a CLOZE and asked to fill in 40 missing words. Each missing blank begins with the first letter of the target word. You are expected to use context clues to figure out which word goes in the blank. Keep in mind that there is no word bank. Thus, it is possible that more than one word can fit in the blank as long as it fits the context of the sentence. Learn more about the top rated JobTestPrep’s California Pellet B Exam Preparation Pack.

What Is Covered in the Reasoning Ability Section?

The reasoning ability section consists of 16 multiple-choice questions. You are provided with specific information or a data set and must find relationships, patterns, or differences between the data.

What Score Do I Need to Pass?

The PELLET B is scored based on a “T-score”, meaning 50 is considered the average score. That being said, if you receive a 42 or higher, you have a good chance of gaining acceptance to the academy. If you don’t receive a passing score, you need to wait a month before you can take the test again. There are PELLETB test dates and locations throughout California.

How Can I Prepare?

Today’s job market is extremely competitive, and most applicants are not familiar with language-based aptitude tests. Therefore, it is essential to prepare in advance. Check out JobTestPrep’s California Pellet B Exam Preparation Pack, which includes:

  • Over 900 practice questions
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To quote Alexander Graham Bell, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” Good luck, candidates. I know you are already on your way to achieving success!

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