Joseph Libowsky,
former Special Agent

Police Departments throughout the county have jumped on the bandwagon of making Police Lip Sync Challenge Videos. These can range from making a video of one officer filmed with a cell phone, to full fledged productions including choreography. These videos are a great way for a department to show the personality of their officers. When looking for a job as a police officer,  watching the video from the department, if they have one, is a great way to see the agency from a different perspective.

#20 Los Angles County CA Sheriff’s Department

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department does a short captivating video featuring horses, beach patrol, and canine.

#19 Santa Barbara CA Police Department

The Santa Barbara Police Department does a spirited rendition of Walking on Sunshine, including a cameo appearance by Kenny Loggins.

#18 Rapid City SD Police Department

In their video, the Rapid City Police Department shows several officers, many with beards, putting their inhibitions aside and giving their all for their department.

#17 Overland Park KS Police Police Department

The video from the Overland Park Police Department, with almost a half-million views on YouTube,  features the talents of their Public Information Officer doing a spirited rendition of the Day-O song.

#16 Mansfield TX Police Department SWAT

It takes a lot of courage to be on a SWAT team. It took even more courage for Mansfield Police Department officers to show off their dance moves with the Party Rock Anthem song.. However, it was for a great cause.

#15 Honolulu HI Police Department

With the backdrop of the beautiful islands, the Honolulu Police Department shows off their Aloha Spirit.

#14 Anchorage AK Police Department

The Anchorage Police Department does a creative version of the song 9 to 5.

#13 Concord NC Police Department

With just over 435 views on YouTube, this video from the Concord Police Department does Party in the USA

12. Casper WY Police Department

In their video, the Casper Wyoming Police Department covers the Lady Gaga song Telephone.

#11 Flower Mound TX Police Department

The Flower Mound Texas Police Department does the Megan Trainor song Me Too. Their video has over 800,000 views.

#10 Winston Salem NC Police Department

The Winston-Salem Police Department is full of energy and utilizes members of the community. They cover a variety of different songs including Push It and Danger Zone. At the end are the video are some great outtakes.

#9 Granite Falls NC Police Department

In their video the Granite Falls North Carolina Police Department does their version of Ridin’ and it has over 666,000 views on YouTube.

#8 Dakota County MN Sheriff’s Office

The Dakota County Minnesota Sheriff’s Office has close to 2 Million views and features some unique talents of the deputies. It closes with with a dance off to Uptown Funk.

#7 Sacramento County CA Sheriff’s Department

Having the entire community involved is what got the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department video to over 300,000 views.

#6 High Point NC Police Department

The High Point North Carolina Police Department video has only 121 views, but does a spirited rendition of Ice Ice Baby featuring members of the community.

#5 Adams County IL Sheriff’s Office

The Adams County Illinois Sheriff’s Department does a remake of the Super Troopers Pull Over Scene. When you watch this give you will realize why it has over 400,000 views on YouTube.

#4 Dover DE Police Department

With over forty-million YouTube views, this Dover Police Department officer does  a truly spectacular version of Shake it Off by Taylor Swift.

#3 Bismark ND Police Department

In this bizarre but amazing entertaining video, the Bismark North Dakota does the Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

#2 Fort Worth TX Police Department

You will never listen to the Alanis Morissette song Ironic again. The Fort Worth Police Department video shows that you don’t need great dance skills to make an entertaining video, just guts.

#1 Skokie IL Police Department

This video from the Skokie Illinois Police Department is a full fledged Hollywood production including a dance number to the song Gangnam Style.