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The police officer selection  process is made up of several components, all of which a candidate needs to pass if they want to become a law enforcement officer. There is no national standard for these testing elements and each agency can decide what to include and use within guidelines issued by the state law enforcement commission. The police officer selection tests consist of several steps – the Police Written Exam, the Physical Abilities Test (PAT), Psychological test, Polygraph and other elements.

The best way to pass the test with higher scores is to prepare properly for it. You can do that by enrolling into an online preparation course that can teach you how to pass the written exam, what to expect during the polygraph check and how to behave on your oral board interview.

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There are multiple companies that offer preparation courses for future police officers but we have selected five of the best courses available online and we present them to you below.


PoliceExam911 offers some of the very best in Police exam preparation. It has earned a 5-star customer rating because it offers features that are unique. The preparation course covers all aspects of the entrance exam and gives comprehensive and adequate skills and tools to all enrolled students. With PoliceExam911 you know what to expect through the entire hiring process and you are prepared for each step of it. One of the best features of the course is that you pay a one-time fee and you receive unlimited lifetime access. There are hundreds of practice questions for each topic and tutorials that help you cope with them. As it is an online course, it is up to you to determine the pace of your learning. However, you are not left on your own – there is a 24/7 personalized support offered by Sgt. Godoy. The course covers most common police exams in the US:

Pass the Police Exam

  • CWH Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Prep
  • FBAT/CJBAT (Florida Basic Abilities Test)
  • Frontline National (NTN – National Testing Network)
  • LEAB (Law Enforcement Abilities Battery)
  • LEVEL (published by Bannon & Associates – Texas)
  • LST (Law Enforcement Officer Selection Tool)
  • NPOST (National Police Officer Selection Test)
  • NCJOSI (National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory)
  • PELLETB for most California Agencies
  • PO-EL (published by IPMA-HR)
  • SHIELD (published by Morris McDaniels)

As a bonus, you also get courses that help you prepare for the Psychological screening, the Polygraph and the Oral Board Interview.

The course is mobile friendly and is constantly updated, which makes it the perfect choice for those who want to prepare for the police entrance exam and feel confident in their success.

Job TestPrep

Job TestPrep offers online preparation for Law Enforcement Test. For those who want to receipt tops scores by improving improving their skills and be really prepared for the entrance test, JobTestPref offers Police Officer PrepPacks™. It includes full-length police practice tests and study guides along with:

  • There 28 different PrepPaks
  • Over 1,000 Practice Questions
  • Test cover a Variety of Assessments and Tests
  • Timed Practice Test
  • Detailed Answer Explanations

Pass the Police Exam Webinar


PolicePrep offers a comprehensive police exam training program that allows aspiring police officers to get acquainted not only with the written test but with the overall recruitment process. Their courses offer practice police tests, police video simulations, and materials that help you prepare for the Physical Ability Test and the other police interviews that you need to undergo in order to become a law enforcement officer.

PolicePrep works in cooperation with Police Services and colleges in order to be able to offer the best possible courses that will guarantee your high results.

There is a free sample police test that you can try out in order to see how the program works and be sure that this is exactly what you need. There is also an online forum that allows each student enrolled in the online course discuss any questions and issues with their peers.

Police Tutorial Service Courses

Police Tutorial Service offers a range of preparation courses both in class format and online. The P.T.S. Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff Entrance Examination Course helps you prepare for the written test by providing you with specific techniques how to answer the type of questions included in the text. The course is developed in line with the official requirements of the entrance exam to make sure that it is on target. If you choose to enroll you will receive a three-session course that contains hundreds of practice questions and more than six hours of audio instruction. The focus of the lectures in the course is to prepare candidates for the following:

    (Rules, Regulations, Policies, Procedures, Directives, etc.)
    (Inductive, Deductive and Syllogistic)

On their site, you also have access to actual examinations practice questions, so you can give them a try and see how you can cope with the test with no or little preparation.

In addition to the entrance level course, Police Tutorial Service also offers promotional courses, so they can be your ally if you want to grow in the carrier to become a sergeant or lieutenant for example.

Kaplan’s Police Entrance Exam Qbank

Kaplan is a well-known provider of online courses in various fields and their experience allows to offer a police entrance exam prep course that will help you feel ready for the test. Their Police Entrance Exam Qbank contains 450 practice question and explanations that will help you prepare and feel confident on the day of the actual exam. You can choose to enroll for one or three months. The performance feedback that you will receive will help you measure your progress and help you with your study plan. You will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on them. With Kaplan’s Police Entrance Exam review questions, you will be able to see what real-life test questions look like and get used to their specific format. Thus, you will know what to expect on the exam stress and you won’t feel stressed out.

As a whole, no matter which of the online courses you opt for, it is very important to be very persistent in your preparation. Give yourself sufficient time and do as many mock tests as possible so that you can feel confident on the day of your exam. Make sure to prepare for all elements of the police entrance exam and not only for the written test, since they are all important and if you fail in one of the elements, you cannot continue further with the hiring process.

We offer a Free Mini-Course to help you Pass the Police Exam.

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