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If you have chosen the position of a police officer for your future career, you need to get prepared for the specific recruitment process that awaits you even before you start browsing through the job openings. You should be aware that there are specific selection criteria for allowing you to apply for the position. Therefore, you need to check with your prospective agency to make sure that you are an eligible candidate.

It is also important to note that the police entrance exam has several components – the written test, physical ability test, psychological screening, polygraph, medical exam, background check, oral board interview. Failing even one of these components means that you are not eligible for the position of police officer. This, however, does not mean that you are not allowed to apply for such a position again. It is possible that you didn’t have luck or you were not sufficiently prepared in order to pass the given element.

In order to excel in your police exam preparation, you need the correct training. While there are different options – courses, books, self-preparation, one of the most efficient means remains the online course. Police Exam911 Prep Course  is one of the best on the market and we highly recommend it to you.

Types of police written exams

It is important to know that there is no national standard for the police officer selection test and each agency chooses what to use based on guidelines published by each states law enforcement commission. Therefore, you need to know which format will be used by the agency/agencies you are applying with and prepare specifically for them.

Some of the most popular police written exams are:

  • CPS-HR Police Exam
  • DELPOE – Darany Entry-Level Police Officer Examination
  • FBAT /CJBAT – Florida Basic Abilities Test or Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test
  • FBI POSS – FBI Police Officer Selection System
  • Frontline – Frontline National (often given by National Testing Network – NTN)
  • McCann Entry-Level Police Officer Exam
  • MCOLES – Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards
  • Morris and McDaniel Entry-Level Police
  • LEAB – Law Enforcement Test Battery by EB Jacobs
  • LST – Law-Enforcement Officer Selection Tool by IOS, given by PST
  • NCJOSI – National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory by I/O Solutions
  • NPOST – National Police Officer Selection Test by Stanard & Associates
  • NPST by FPSI – National Police Selection Test (Fire and Police Selection, Inc.)
  • PELLETB – Post Entry Level Law Enforcement Test Battery used in California
  • PO-EL – Police Officer Entry Level, part of Compass Series by IPMA-HR

In addition to that, you need to keep in mind that each state has its own police entrance exam requirements and within the state the type of tests may slightly vary between the different agencies. Therefore, you always need to check what exactly the hiring procedure is and which are the elements it includes.

How to Select the Best Police Exam Prep Course?

When you start preparing for your police exam, you will find out that there are many options – you can buy books, do free online sample tests, enroll in a specialized seminar or in an online course. While it is up to you to decide which method suits you best, we highly recommend an online course as it is more flexible and provides you with many options. In order to be helpful, the online course should have the following elements:

  • Answers and tutorials that give you detailed explanation on how the question is answered and how to solve similar questions;
  • Access to as many practice questions as possible. It is good if the course includes actual questions from previous tests;
  • Examples of the different types of tests used by the agencies.
  • Instant access to updated information;
  • Practical courses on the other elements of the hiring process such as – oral board interview, background check, psychological screening, etc. in addition to the preparation for the written exam. Those additional modules should come at no extra price;
  • Personalized support by a law enforcement officer who can help you excel at the police exam.

A great advantage is if the course offers unlimited access against a one-time fee. Thus, you can determine the pace of your preparation and study at any time that you find appropriate. Learn more about the top rated Police Exam911 Prep Course.

What makes PoliceExam911 the best online police exam prep course?

Having in mind all of the above-listed criteria, we believe that the PoliceExam911 Prep Course is the one you are looking for. As the competition is tough, it is advisable that you apply to several positions with different agencies and be prepared for the different types of test. The PoliceExam911 Prep Course covers all of the most popular types of test used within the country against a one-time fee that gives you lifetime access. After the course, you will be familiar with:

  • CWH Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Prep
  • FBAT/CJBAT (Florida Basic Abilities Test)
  • Frontline National (NTN – National Testing Network)
  • LEAB (Law Enforcement Abilities Battery)
  • LEVEL (published by Bannon & Associates – Texas)
  • LST (Law Enforcement Officer Selection Tool)
  • NPOST (National Police Officer Selection Test)
  • NCJOSI (National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory)
  • PELLETB for most California Agencies
  • PO-EL (published by IPMA-HR)
  • SHIELD (published by Morris McDaniels)

In addition to that, you get a lot of extras including the personalized 24/7 support offered by Sgt. Godoy.

The course covers the entire hiring process and offers bonus courses for the Psychological Test, the Polygraph and the Oral Board Interview. The modules use modern e-learning technology and allow self-paced learning. The practice questions for each topic are accompanied by answers and detailed tutorials that help you master your skills and feel confident on the day of the exam. The course is mobile friendly and is always up to date.

What is even better is that the course aims to help you from the very beginning with ideas how to master your job search and create an outstanding application.

In case you get the course and despite its excellent features you find out that it is not useful for you, there is a full refund guarantee.

In conclusion, we want to point out once again how important the preparation is for the success at the POST. With the right prep course, you will easily make your dream of becoming a police officer come true.

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