PELLETB Test Questions and Preparation


PELLETB is the California Police Officer Selection Test (POST)

The California POST Entry Level Law Enforcement Test Battery, known as the PELLETB or PELLET B, is a language aptitude test that aims to determine if the candidate is ready to become a peace officer in the State of California. It checks language skills such as reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary to determine if the candidate has a good command of the English language.

The PELLETB is considered one of the toughest police exams in the country and serious need to prepare in order to rank high enough to get hired. The key to successfully passing the PELLETB lies in the proper preparation for the test. Once you get familiar with the test structure it will be easier for you to answer the questions. Practice can help you improve your English language knowledge. There are certain tricks and tips that can help you select the correct spelling or meaning of a word, even if you are unfamiliar with it.

PELLETB Test Questions

Bakersfield PD uses the PELLETB Test

The PELLETB comprises of three sections that aim to check the overall language skills of the candidate. The sections are ordered in the following way:

PELLETB Writing Ability Test

The writing ability section which consists of three sub-sections each comprising of 15 questions.

1.  The first part of the PELLETB Writing Abilities Test is Clarity. There are two sentences given and the test taker needs to identify, which one is written correctly. You need to look for common writing errors such as unclear references, misplaced modifiers, sentence fragments, and run‐on sentences.

2.  The second part of the PELLETB Writing Abilities Test is Spelling. There is a sentence where one of the words is omitted and four different spelling options are provided. You need to choose the correct spelling.

3.  The third part of the PELLETB Writing Abilities Test is Vocabulary. A given word in the sentence is underlined and you need to select the most accurate synonym or definition out of four options.

San Diego County Sheriff uses the PELLETB Test

What is the PELLETB Reading Ability Test?

The reading ability section consists of two sub-sections.

1.  The first part of the PELLETB Reading Abilities Test is a Reading Comprehension Test which has 28 questions. You need to read a given text, which may be one paragraph or one page long, and then select the correct answer from the multiple-choice questions.

2.  The second part of the PELLETB Reading Abilities Test is a CLOZE Test which covers forty items and consists of paragraphs, where the first and the last sentence are complete but every seventh word in the other sentences is omitted. You need to guess which the missing word is. The place of the word is indicated with dashes and the number of dashes corresponds to the number of letters in the word. There can be more than one word that fits the context and is accepted as a correct answer.


California Highway Patrol uses the PELLETB Test

What is the PELLETB Logical Reasoning Test?

The PELLETB Logical Reasoning Test includes analyzing information, including looking as relationships, groups, numbers and letters, and patterns in order to answer the questions.

1. Consists of 9 multiple-choice questions.

2. Select the best answer based on the facts provided in the text.

3. Identify patterns, relationships, ordered series of facts.


How to Prepare for the PELLETB?


Serious candidates should read the study guide available for the California Post. While this guide gives you a good sample of the types of questions that will on the exam, it does not provide insight on how to outscore your competition. If you want to get a score that will get your hired, an online course is the way to go.

If you want to gain more confidence and proper knowledge for the PELLETB, it is always better to use an online preparation course.

There are many courses that you can choose from. In order to select the right one, you need to look for:

  • Sufficient number of practice questions.
  • Coverage of all sections of the PELLETB.
  • Practical guide with answers.
  • Explanations and tips how to solve the questions.
  • Easily accessible 24/7.

We suggest that you check out Sgt Godoy’s PELLETB QuickPrep Course, which answers all of the above criteria and is a great way to prepare for the test. 

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