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Georgia police exam

Georgia Police Exam 

Georgia is the 24th largest state and the 8th most populous state in the US. It is often referred to as the Empire State of the South and was one of the fastest growing states in the country several years ago. The capital of Georgia, Atlanta, is named a global city...

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Ohio police exam

Ohio Police Exam 

Ohio is the seventh most populous state in the US despite that it ranks number 34 by size. Becoming a police officer in Ohio is very competitive and you need to pass through a comprehensive police exam process in order to join the ranks of an Ohio law enforcement...

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Illinois police exam

Illinois Police Exam  

Illinois is the 25th largest state in the USA in terms of land but the 6th largest in terms of population. Becoming a police officer in this state is a prestigious but challenging undertaking as the requirements are quite strict.   There is no unified written exam for...

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pennsylvania police exam

Pennsylvania Police Exam  

The job of a police officer is one of the most popular careers in the field of law enforcement. There is an opportunity for everyone to start work as a police officer provided that they meet certain criteria. Be warned, though, that it takes some time to become a...

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new york police exam

New York Police Exam 

Working as a police officer is a desired career path for many people, regardless of their age. If you have a passion to help people and serve your community, one of the best ways to do it is by joining the field of law enforcement. You can decide whether to work in...

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florida police exam

Florida Police Exam

To become a police officer you need to go through a complicated hiring process and pass several exams. One of the mandatory tests is the written exam, which needs to be taken by all aspiring officers. The test checks basic ready and writing skills and makes sure that...

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texas police exam

Texas Police Exam 

Becoming a police officer starts with browsing job openings and selecting the best position that you are qualified for and the one that fits your criteria. Your personal criteria can include a variety of factors including the type of agency you prefer to work for, the...

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california police exam

California Police Exam 

When browsing through job openings for the position of a police officer, quite often candidates are wondering which written exam they will need to take and pass in order to continue on with the hiring process. As there is no national police exam, each state, and each...

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practical tips

NPOST Practical Tips and Guidance 

Passing the NPOST might be the first step to a long and successful career as a police officer. This is one of the most common entry-level police written test administered around the U.S. and the abbreviation stands for National Police Officer Selection Test. Do not...

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sample questions

NPOST Sample Questions 

There is a great variety of police written exams that are used by the various law enforcement agencies to select only the most suitable candidates for the positions they are offering. Some states like Florida, for example, have established a written test that is valid...

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