Law Enforcement Articles

K-9 Dog

A Real Look at being a Law Enforcement K-9 Handler

This article has been written with the assistance of Detective Holly McManus who is K-9 Handler with the St. Francis Police Department in Wisconsin. Her canine partner is a purebred German Shepherd who goes by the name K-9 Bane. There are many different careers in law...

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Police Officer Scott Savage

How to Pass the Police Oral Board Interview

This article was written with the assistance of Police Officer Scott Savage. Officer Savage works for a Police Department in Northern California and is the owner of the Savage Training Group, which provides professional training for law enforcement officers. If you...

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FBI SWAT Team – An Inside Look

This article was written with the assistance of George Heuston, a retired FBI agent with 22 years in the Bureau When thinking about what do FBI agent do, the FBI SWAT Team is prominent. The FBI SWAT Team is an elite unit within a police force. Being in the SWAT Team...

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Firearms Examiner

The Guide to Becoming a Firearms Examiner

This article was written with the assistance of Susan Kerr. She is the manager of the Firearms Unit and Latent Prints at the Dallas Police Department. Firearms have been widely used throughout our history. However, the practice of their identification is still a...

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Best Police Podcast

The Best Police Podcasts of 2021

Every police officer has a story to tell. These podcasts let you hear from the officers themselves in their own words. The calls the that went well, and those that went sideways. Guests includes officers working in a variety of jobs in law enforcement and the topics...

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James Bernazzani

Life as an FBI Agent Fighting Terrorism

The information in this article is based on the personal experience of James Bernazzani, a special agent in the FBI for over 23 years. He now teaches at the masters level at The Tulane University School of Professional Advancement. Being a special agent in the FBI is...

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Complete Guide to becoming a Crime Analyst

This article was written with the assistance of  Michael Winslow, a Senior Police Analyst with the Scottsdale Police Department in Arizona. Being a Crime Analyst is an exciting and growing field. A Crime Analyst is a position that exists within a law enforcement...

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Police Polygraph Questions

Complete List of Police Polygraph Questions

When applying for law enforcement jobs, a polygraph test may be required. This will depend upon the agency you are applying with and the job that you are applying for. Not all jobs and not all agencies require a polygraph test as part of the hiring process. If a...

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Smiling Police Officer

How to Fill Out a Job Winning Application

When applying for all law enforcement jobs, the key document is going to be the job announcement. Sometimes it's called the job posting. If you hear somebody say "When is this job going to be posted?" what they mean is, when is the vacancy going to be announced. It's...

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Law Enforcement Jobs – Choosing the Right One for You

How do you choose the right law enforcement job for you? There are a lot of different jobs in law enforcement. For many, this can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. You want to keep in mind that a job needs to be the right fit for you, as well as you being...

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