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Best Police PodcastEvery police officer has a story to tell. These podcasts let you hear from the officers themselves in their own words. The calls the that went well, and those that went sideways. Guests includes officers working in a variety of jobs in law enforcement and the topics cover everything about their professional and personal lives.

There are a lot law enforcement jobs out there, including those with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Whether you’re in law enforcement, interested in going into the field, or just fascinated by law enforcement, we’ve narrowed down the many police podcast options and have hand-picked eight of the very best to share with you. From first-hand accounts from the lives of real cops to inspiring stories and tips on maintaining mental and physical well-being as an officer, read on to find a podcast that’s right up your alley.

The topics covered in these podcast episodes vary from the police background check, police polygraph questions, police oral board questions, and how to pass the police exam. These podcasts provide an amazing look at being in law enforcement, something normally reserved only for those with a badge.

Things Police See: First-Hand Accounts
Things Police See: Real Stories from Real Officers is a podcast that anyone would find interesting. With new episodes airing every Monday, former Massachusetts police officer, Steve Gould, presents an array of shocking, terrifying and humorous moments through interviews with real police officers. While the stories are entertaining in and of themselves, this podcast can also help those who aren’t on the force get to know a more personal side of the boys in blue. If you’re an officer yourself, you’re sure to find yourself relating to these interviews as you laugh, gasp or crying along with the officers as they recount their experiences on the field.

Steven Gould is a former natural resource and municipal police officer, background investigator for the LAPD and vlogger from Massachusetts. The idea for Things Police See came from the discussions he would have with his friends and colleagues, Ken Roybal (co-host of Things Police See) and Pat Buchanan. He felt that if people outside of law enforcement could hear the same unfiltered, real-life, first-hand accounts from people in the field, it could help them understand them better as human beings and gain a better appreciation for what they see and do on a daily basis.


The Squad Room
Life on the force comes with many mental, physical and emotional challenges. The Squad Room is a podcast that’s devoted to helping police officers stay mentally, physically and emotionally fit. Host Garrett Te Slaa is a sworn deputy sheriff is taking the journey along with his listeners as he applies the lessons shared through the series to his own life. The Squad Room is comprised of three aspects. The first features interviews with various subject matter experts who share their knowledge in order to help officers and first responders live healthier and better lives. The second is interviews with both active duty and retired law enforcement officers who share inspirational stories. The third aspect of the series is a documentary of Garrett Te Slaa himself in which he shares tips for achieving success as well as lessons he’s learned in his own life. With more than 100 episodes available, The Squad Room can help officers be their best every day.

Sergeant Garrett Te Slaa has an impressive and inspiring background. First and foremost, he’s a law enforcement veteran of 14-plus years from Southern California. In addition to his assignments in patrol, detective work, court services, internal affairs, community resources and gang enforcement, Sergeant Te Slaa has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, with a major in Organizational Leadership and Management. He’s also a graduate of the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute, a TEDx Speaker and a contributing writer to Law Enforcement Today and PoliceOne.


Cop Life
If you have friends or relatives in law enforcement and are curious what their challenging work-lives are like, if you’re thinking about becoming a police officer, or if you are an officer who might find some solace in hearing stories you can relate to, Cop Life is a podcast that’s made for you. Each episode of the show is designed to give listeners a clear view of life from the perspective of a police officer. Keith, the host of the show, aims to answer such questions as: What are the frustrations and stresses of being a street cop in society’s current climate? What types of calls does a street cop work throughout the week? What are the rewarding parts of the job? How does an officer balance work, home and play? Anyone inside or outside of law enforcement can tune in to Cop Life to get a clear behind-the-badge perspective of life as an officer.

The show is hosted by Keith, a police veteran from a large city in Texas. He has 18 years of experience on patrol, a decade of which was spent preparing rookies fresh from the academy to be ready to hit the streets. Through Cop Life, Keith aims to honor the honorable officers, acknowledge the shortcomings of some within the field of law enforcement, expose the dishonorable cops out there and praise the work of those who are regularly overlooked.


Police Academy
Police Academy is a podcast, YouTube channel and blog that prides itself on being an unfiltered, no-spin source of truth about all things police. The main goal of the podcast is to bridge the ever-widening gap between the general public and police officers. The Police Academy podcast strives to teach regular people to think like cops, while helping cops re-learn how to think like regular people again. The belief of the producer, Terence Herrick, is that this can be done by sharing perspectives to identify each party’s motives and make sure that each party is not only heard but understood.

Terence Herrick began his 5-year stint in law enforcement determined to help make the world a better place by helping people and fighting injustice. After a half-decade on the force, he had been worn-down and had seen a lot of dark and broken places. Protests against the police began sparking up across the country as he watched the divide between public and law enforcement grow wider. After hanging up his uniform, Terence started Police Academy on a mission to spread the truth about police officers, the public, and the incidents that spark outrage among the people.

Policing Matters
The Policing Matters podcast is presented by PoliceOne, which is known to be the most trusted and comprehensive online destination for industry experts, law enforcement professionals and departmental decision-makers in the world. Policing Matters is essentially a news broadcast, in which PoliceOne Senior Contributor, Doug Wyllie discusses current news, opinions, advice and tips alongside Retired San Francisco Deputy Chief, Jim Dudley. New episodes air every Friday. This podcast is designed to be informative, helpful and entertaining. It’s also sprinkled with some law enforcement humor.

PoliceOne was founded in 1999 to provide the law enforcement community with effective information that helps everyone protect their communities and stay safe.


Law Enforcement Today
Law Enforcement Today provides sobering real-life accounts of horrific crimes from the people and officers who survived them. This podcast delivers powerful reminders of our own mortality and to be grateful for everything we have. Tune in to hear honest and realistic recounts of shocking crimes shared by active and retired law enforcement officers from all walks of life, along with their families, survivors and supporters who all lived through these horrifying situations. Law Enforcement Today is a talk show that’s described as being part true crime, part cop and part human interest.

John “Jay” Wiley is a radio DJ and retired Baltimore Police Sergeant who started the Law Enforcement Today podcast in March 2017. Today, the show is featured on several U.S. radio stations.


Changing the Culture
Changing the Culture is a wellness podcast that’s aimed at supporting first responders and their families. First responders are faced with many mental and physical challenges every single day, both on and off the field. Officer Clifford created the Changing the Culture podcast to help officers build up their emotional and spiritual wellness so that they can survive both on- and off-duty. Autumn conducts each episode in a personal, conversational tone to help listeners feel as though she’s talking to them directly as she shares various tools and tactics she’s used to stay connected with herself while overcoming battles with injury, anxiety and depression. It’s important to note that this podcast contains explicit content and listeners should be advised that swearing is frequent on the show.

Autumn Clifford is a law enforcement officer in  Maine. After being injured in the line of duty, she went from working a full-time policing capacity to working part-time. So, there you have it – our hand-picked list of the best police podcasts of 2020. No matter who you are or where you come from, if you’re in law enforcement, are interested in law enforcement or are close with someone in law enforcement, there’s a podcast on this list for you. Settle down, tune in and enjoy the show.

Go Law Enforcement
Go Law Enforcement is an excellent podcast for anyone with an interest in going into the field. It provides great exposure to the different law enforcement jobs that are available. Listening to these episodes, you will find out about the police officer requirements, the law enforcement entrance exam, and police psychological test questions. The podcast is designed to provide first-hand career tips from actual police officers who share what they know about their specialties. Whether you’re working in law enforcement already and are curious about taking a specific career path or are simply interested in working in law enforcement but have no idea where you’d like to begin, this podcast can certainly help you decide. Tune in to hear real details from experienced officers in fields like Homicide Investigation, Crime Scene Investigation, K-9 and much more.

Go Law Enforcement was founded in 2008 to help people interested in a law enforcement career achieve their goals. In addition to the information shared through their podcast, their website also offers assistance with finding and preparing for the right career path in all of the different types of law enforcement, finding job openings and winning the job selection process with police department jobs. Whether you want insight into the police written test, or police scenario questions that you are likely to be asked on the police oral board interview, you will find it here.