The Oral Board Interview

 What stands between You and a Law Enforcement Job!


If you were interviewing with several different departments and were asked the exact same question, your answer should be different for each interview, WHY?

…Because the answers you give should be specific to that department.

Because every department and the community they serve is unique.

When I sit on an Oral Board Panel, out of every 20 candidates, only one or two do well.

This is because most either do not know how to properly prepare for the Oral Board Interview, or do not understand the importance of preparing.

The good news is if you are willing to put in the effort to properly prepare for the oral board interview, you can be a top scorer.

You’ve worked for years to prepare for a law enforcement career and it all comes down to a short 20-30-minute oral board interview.

The mistake many make is thinking the Oral Board Panel will give them a great score based upon their qualifications, and that is absolutely wrong.

Doing great on the Oral Board Interview is about preparation.