Campus Police

Agency: University of the Incarnate Word

Location: San Antonio TX

Industry: Protective Service

Occupational Category: Law Enforcement


Position Summary   Responsible for the enforcement of State and Local laws, University Rules and Regulations, and provides a service to all community members (university and civilian). Will provide support and complete tasks as assigned.


Knowledge Skills and Abilities   Knowledge of: 
Applicable federal, state, and local laws and ordinances. 
Law enforcement techniques and procedures. 
Use and care for all UIW equipment and in particular, law enforcement equipment. 
The Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990 (a.k.a.: Clery Act).

Ability to: 
Operate and maintain vehicles and equipment. 
Have effective reading and writing skills. 
Recognize dangerous/hazardous situations. 
Maintain mental capacity that allows the capability of exercising sound judgment and rational thinking under dangerous and stressful circumstances. 
Demonstrate intellectual capabilities during training and testing processes; to include evaluating various scenarios and developing appropriate options and/or alternatives.


Required Education         

High School Diploma or equivalency.
Completion from a Texas accredited police academy.


Required Work Experience        

Graduate from a TCOLE/TCLEOSE recognized police academy or approved equivalent.


Preferred Qualifications  

Intermediate Peace Officer. 

Bachelors Degree (Behavioral or Communication Science)


Required Certifications, Licenses or Registrations 

Peace Officer License issued by the TCLEOSE. 
Valid Texas driver’s license with good driving record.


Work Hours               

Must be available to work varying shifts, nights and weekends.


Physical Demands

Must be able to fulfill the duties of a Peace Officer which include but are not limited to:

Effect an arrest, subduing resisting individuals, chase fleeing subjects, running, walking, crouching, or crawling 
move equipment, injured/impaired persons, and climb stairs/ladders. 
Perform life-saving and rescue procedures. 
Walk, stand, and sit for extended periods of time. 
Maintain effective audio-visual and perception techniques needed for making observations and for communicating with others.



Job Duties

Description of Job Duty  

Exercises independent judgment within the limits prescribed by law, institutional rules and regulations, departmental policies and procedures and those dictated by the Chief of Police


Description of Job Duty  

Enforce the protection, safety, and welfare of students, faculty, employees, visitors, and all within the area under the control and jurisdiction of UIW.


Description of Job Duty   Always maintain an extremely courteous and professional attitude when dealing with all members of the UIW community and our visitors.


Description of Job Duty   Patrol are essential in maintaining our relationship with our community. Patrols of the campus will be conducted on foot and by various types of vehicles. The Primary purpose is to detect, investigate, and correct unwanted activity, for public safety and discover/report security hazards.







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