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Get The Very Best in Police Exam Prep

Why Students Love this Course?

PoliceExam911 has earned a 5-star Customer Rating
Features that set it apart from the competition include:

Hundreds of Practice Questions for each topic

Covers entire hiring process

Covers most common Police Exams in U.S.

Insightful Tutorials for each topic

Online access – Self paced learning

24X7 personalized Support from Sgt. Godoy

One-time fee – Lifetime access

Bonus Courses for the Psychological, Polygraph, and the Oral Board Interview

Mobile Friendly and Always Up to Date

Proven Success with 1000’s Satisfied Users

What Agencies are Covered?

Competition is tough. Fully qualified applicants may not get hired simply due to the limited number of openings. I strongly recommend that you apply to multiple agencies in parallel in order to increase your chances of being hired.

For this reason, PoliceExam911 covers ALL of the most popular police exam formats used in the U.S:

  • CWH Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Prep
  • FBAT/CJBAT (Florida Basic Abilities Test)
  • Frontline National (NTN – National Testing Network)
  • LEAB (Law Enforcement Abilities Battery)
  • LEVEL (published by Bannon & Associates – Texas)
  • LST ( Law Enforcement Officer Selection Tool)
  • NPOST (National Police Officer Selection Test)
  • NCJOSI (National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory)
  • PELLETB for most California Agencies
  • PO-EL (published by IPMA-HR)
  • SHIELD (published by Morris McDaniels)

What’s Included?

Test Topics Covered Include:

  • Writing Skills – Clarity, Spelling and Vocabulary
  • Police Report Writing
  • Reading Comprehension including CLOZE
  • Logical Reasoning – Inductive and Deductive
  • Problem Solving and Judgement
  • Situational Judgement Testing
  • Math Refresher for Police Officers
  • Memorization Skills – Visual and Written
  • Visualization Skills
    • Flexibility of Closure
    • Spatial Orientation
    • Selective Attention
    • Facial Recognition

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Bonus Content

Getting hired as a law enforcement officer for the first time is not easy. There are lots of steps in the process in addition to the Written Exam. My course will also cover:

Managing your Job Search

Creating an Outstanding Application

Winning Inputs for Bio Data Surveys

Mastering the Psych Exam

Mastering the Polygraph

Mastering the Structured Interview

Demonstration and Free Practice Questions

Here is an example of how my tutorials and practice questions are presented. Notice the clear instructions, the in-depth answer explanations and the state-of-the-art quiz technology.

My prep course goes far beyond what you learn from the free department study guides. Find out why students love my tutorials and practice quizzes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take the course?

The course consists of a series of online videos and quizzes for you to progress through. These materials are available for you to go through on your mobile phone, computer or tablet.

What if I have questions while going through the course?

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at SgtGeorgeGodoy@gmail.com.
I usually reply in 1-2 days. I’m here to help.

How long do I have to go through the course?

Once you purchase access to Police Exam 911, you have lifetime access to the course. You can review it at your own pace. You’re also free to go back and review the course at any time.

What if I go through the course and find it really wasn't for me?

Just reach me at SgtGeorgeGodoy@gmail.com within and I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked. This course is designed to make you a better candidate for law enforcement, and if you aren’t satisfied, then I’m not either.

About Sgt. George Godoy

Congratulations on deciding to pursue a career in law enforcement. My name is Sgt. George Godoy. I loved my time as a police officer and police training specialist.

Since retiring from being a police officer in 2007, I have been providing on-line training courses for men and women applying to various law enforcement agencies including Police, Sheriff, State Troopers and Customs and Border Patrol. I’ve poured 22 years of police experience into these self-paced courses that you can use to ace your entrance exams.

During my career I learned a lot about taking exams successfully. I was awarded the “Distinguished Graduate” award at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, Georgia. I also was recognized as the top graduate when I attended the Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy (CLETA) in Golden.

After seventeen years on the force, I was put in charge of the Recruiting and Training department in Denver. I have interviewed and trained hundreds of cadets, and know the secrets to doing well on the exams. That experience created the perfect path for me to have this small business in my retirement.

I prepare all of my own material and provide personal support to all of my students. I provide different courses for each specific branch of law enforcement that you are interested in. This is my passion. I am dedicated to helping you begin your law enforcement career.

Sincerely, Sgt. George Godoy

Get 20% off!

Click Buy Now and use code at Checkout
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April 13, 2018 by Ismael (CA, United States)
“Good evening Sgt Godoy,

I just wanted to tell you I passed my Pellet B Exam! With only two weeks to study, I had some serious work to do! Purchasing your ebook with audio & examples definitely contributed to my success!

My passing score was 48.6!!! The Qualifying score needed was 45. I am now onto my next step with two agencies in the Los Angeles, CA area! One step closer to my dream!

And because the average required passing score is around 45, I can now use my passing score, for the next 6 month, for other agency written exams to be waived!


March 30, 2018 by Eloy G (TX, United States)
“I recommend this to anyone who’s trying to join the Criminal Justice. It prepares you good for the real exam, the price was good and totally worth it. All you need is put in the hard work and ask Sgt. Godoy for any questions you need and he’ll come through. I’m proud to say I passed my Customs Entrance Exam.”

March 27, 2018 by Earl P (OR, United States)
“I liked how much information was provided. I also enjoyed the surprisingly short amount of time required to learn the material.”

March 26, 2018 by Luke C (MA, United States)
“Seriously, this was a great prep course. I have been doing other prep courses for other Fed positions, and yours is by far the best. When I got questions wrong OR right, I saw the reasoning. It’s very helpful when you start studying since you may get a question right but not know why.”

March 22, 2018 by Jtorres (NJ, United States)
“Sgt. Godoy’s prep course has all the information and training you need to successfully complete the entry exam, interview process and polygraph test. It is definitely of great help.”

March 19, 2018 by Abram (UT, United States)
“A very satisfied customer. First, let me say that Sgt. Godoy is incredibly helpful and attentive. Email him ANY question and he gets back to you same day or next. The lectures and tips for preparing for the logical reasoning tests are helpful beyond measure. He explains every trick in the book clearly. The math section is okay overall, as many questions are similar to the practice ones. The reading section is comprehensive and very helpful.”

March 7, 2018 by Gary (WI, United States)
“Best investment ever! This made me more prepared for the tests as well as being more prepared for the processes. I wish I would have known about this before I ever started applying for positions. It would have made things easier. Thank you.”

August 22, 2017 by Ron (MA, United States)
“I have used your product to get hire with the California Highway Patrol. I have followed your instructions for the written exam, background investigation, computer voice stress analysis, psych written, and psych oral. Thank you”

August 22, 2017 by Chris (MA, United States)
“This course was spot on. It really prepared me well for entry into the Border Patrol. I really didn’t have to worry about anything. The practice test and exam lessons prepared me 100% for the real exam. I didn’t have any trouble! Thanks!”

August 21, 2017 by Scott M (OH, United States)
“I bought this prep course a month before I took the written exam for my state’s Highway Patrol. I studied it for hours and ended up passing the exam with no problem. The prep course also gave me great interview tips that helped me along the way. When I started the application process I had absolutely zero criminal justice experience (I previously majored in Education). In the end I was one of the few applicants lucky enough to land a spot in an upcoming academy. This prep course was worth every penny.”

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