U.S. Pretrial Services Officer

Brooklyn, NY & Central Islip, NY
U.S. Pretrial Services Agency, Eastern District of New York

Position Vacancy Announcement
No. 21-01

Level / Salary Range: CL 25 – $48,880 to $79,508
CL 27 – $59,171 to $96,149
CL 28 – $70,901 to $115,275
Closing Date: September 15, 2021 (or open until filled)

The United States Pretrial Services Office for the Eastern District of New York is currently accepting applications for the position of U.S. Pretrial Services Officer. The location of this position (Brooklyn or Central Islip, New York) will be at the discretion of the Chief Pretrial Services Officer and may change based on the agency’s needs. More than one position may be filled from this vacancy announcement.

All candidates who applied to Vacancy Announcement No. 20-01, should not resubmit their application.

Minimum Qualifications:

Applicants must have completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in a field of academic study, such as criminal justice, criminology, psychology, sociology, human relations, education, or business or public administration, which provides evidence of the capacity to understand and apply the legal requirements and human relations skills involved in the position. For placement above the starting salary of $48,880, the successful applicant must have at least one to three years of specialized experience in fields such as pretrial services, probation, corrections, criminal investigations, or work in substance/addiction or mental health treatment. The successful applicant must possess excellent written and oral communication skills.

Other preferred skills may include the earning of a master’s degree in a closely related field, fluency in a foreign language (Mandarin or Spanish preferred but not required), and/or advanced knowledge of computer systems and technology.

Medical Requirements and Maximum Entry Age:

Prior to appointment, the selectee considered for this position will undergo a medical examination and drug screening. Upon successful completion of the medical and drug screening, the selectee may then be provisionally appointed. At such time, the incumbent will undergo an extensive Office of Personnel Management (OPM) background investigation. In addition, as conditions of employment, the incumbent will be subject to ongoing random drug screening, updated background investigations every five years, or as deemed necessary by management for reasonable cause, and may be subject to subsequent fitness-for-duty evaluations. The medical requirements and the essential job functions derived from the medical guidelines for pretrial services officers and officer assistants are available for public review at http://www.uscourts.gov/. First time appointees to positions covered under law enforcement officer retirement provisions must not have reached their 37th birthday at the time of the appointment (Title 5, U.S.C. Chapters 83 & 85). Applicants age 37 or over, who have previous law enforcement officer experience under Civil Service Retirement System or the Federal Employees’ Retirement System, and who have either a subsequent break in service or intervening service in a non-law enforcement officer position, may have their previous law enforcement experience subtracted from their age to determine whether they meet the maximum age requirement.

Additional Requirements:

Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen or eligible to work in the United States. A written examination will be provided to qualified candidates. New Officers are required to attend a six-week training academy at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Charleston, South Carolina.

Representative Duties:

  • Conducts investigations and verifies background information concerning persons charged with a federal offense when they are arrested or summoned to court.
  • Evaluates information and prepares a report for the judge prior to the initial hearing with assessment of non-appearance and danger to the community. A recommendation regarding bail and/or release or detention of a defendant is included in the report.
  • Supervises defendants who are released with supervision conditions.
  • Notifies the court and the U.S. Attorney of any violations.
  • Develops a supervision plan and maintains a detailed record of case activity.
  • Travel and contacts are conducted in unsafe neighborhoods where crime may occur.


Employees of the U.S. Pretrial Services Office are eligible, but not limited, to the following employment benefits:

  • Accrual of paid vacation and sick leave; and paid holidays.
  • Participation in pre‐tax benefit programs (health, dental, and vision insurance programs, flexible spending accounts, commuter reimbursement benefit).
  • Group life and long term care insurance.
  • Participation in the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS).
  • Traditional (pre‐tax) and Roth (post‐tax) retirement savings and investment through the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) with employer matching contributions.
  • Transit subsidy assistance.

How to Apply:
Qualified applicants MUST submit ALL of the following documents to be considered:

1) Resume
2) Cover letter outlining their qualifications and employment history.
3) Two page statement indicating the knowledge, skills, and abilities you believe you possess which will match the needs of the office and of the position.
4) Two most recent performance evaluations.
5) Transcripts for bachelor’s and any advanced degrees.
6) AO-78 – Federal Judicial Branch Application for Employment

Due to the volume of applications, the U.S. Pretrial Services Office will only contact those individuals who are invited for personal interviews.

The complete application packet must be sent electronically as a single PDF document to: