Transit Police Officer

Denver, CO
Regional Transportation District

This position is responsible for investigating and documenting incidents for criminal prosecution and/or referral to management, and the security of employees, patrons, bus and rail systems, transit centers, Park-n-Rides, and special events. This is a safety sensitive position subject to the rules and regulations of the RTD Drug and Alcohol Policy and is an armed sworn position under CRS 16-2.5-146. Salary Range: $60,924 – $94,432.


  • Enforces Colorado State law through observation, patrol, citations and arrests, as needed.
  • Performs investigations relating to theft, violence in the workplace, crimes on organization property, and crimes against patrons and employees. Processes crime scenes and performs evidence collection and analysis.
  • Performs comprehensive facility and counter-terrorism threat and vulnerability analyses of the organization’s properties and special events, and provides comprehensive written reports, procedures and implementation plans to protect employees, patrons, facilities and equipment.
  • Assignment to mobile patrol, foot patrols of properties, trains, buses and special events or other duties as required.
  • Conducts security-related training programs for employees, contractors and other transportation workers especially in the area of counter-terrorism activities.
  • Reviews incident reports involving employees; investigates and resolves incidents; prepares written responses.


  • An associate degree in business, public administration, management, criminal justice or related field preferred.
  • This is an entry level position
  • Current license and certification through Colorado P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards and Training).