State Trooper (Lateral)

AZ Statewide
Arizona Highway Patrol

Patrols highways and/or performs general duty police work in the protection of life and property through the enforcement of laws and ordinances and the prevention of crime. May be assigned to specialized functions including, but not limited to, training, motorcycle patrol, executive security, handling of explosives, hostage negotiations, Special Operations Unit, criminal investigations, paramedic duties, community relations, or administration. Performs related tasks as required.

In order to qualify for the State Trooper position, you must possess a current AZ POST certification as a regular peace officer. If you do not currently possess the certification, you may wish to apply for Cadet State Trooper.

$51,685.92 – $72,413.12 Annually

4/23/2020 11:59 PM Arizona


1. Patrols state highway systems by automobile, motorcycle, aircraft or other means. Enforces traffic laws and controls movement of traffic. Maintains familiarity with patrol area by learning highways, landmarks, buildings and topography.

2. Answers calls and complaints involving accidents, misdemeanors, and felonies. Responds to general public calls for assistance.

3. Stabilizes emergency situations. Secures accident or crime scenes, administers first aid as first responder, and provides assistance and/or protection as required.

4. Writes detailed reports on police-related activities.

5. Investigates traffic accidents and criminal cases by conducting interviews and gathering evidence.

6. Arrests criminal and traffic law offenders and transports to jail. Uses appropriate force to subdue offenders.

7. Prepares cases for court and testifies as a witness.

8. Keeps informed and aware of persons and places suspected of illegal activity and/or potential for problems within an assigned area.

9. Attends training classes in police methods and related topics.

10. Operates and maintains a variety of law enforcement equipment, tools, weapons and vehicles.

11. Participates in problem oriented policing efforts by identifying problem areas, recommending and implementing solutions, and monitoring the results.

12. Maintains liaison with other law enforcement agencies, court systems, and the public to promote a cooperative law enforcement atmosphere.


Requires current AZ POST certification as a regular peace officer and a minimum of one (1) year of experience as a sworn peace officer at a law enforcement agency. Must have successfully completed that agency's field training program and probationary period. Must have achieved a satisfactory or above overall rating on the most recent evaluation. OR successful completion of an Arizona law enforcement training academy as a DPS Cadet State Trooper. Must possess and maintain a valid Arizona driver license at the time of employment.