State Police Trooper I

Concord, NH
New Hampshire State Police

Salary: $29.20/hour – $37.33/hour.

Closing Date: 03/18/2024.

Essential Functions:

  • Performs traffic enforcement, motor vehicle collision investigation, and law enforcement patrol functions within an assigned troop/unit area according to established laws and procedures in order to reduce loss of property and life and ensure safe and orderly flow of traffic. Enforces all federal and state commercial motor vehicle laws and regulations by performing motor carrier safety inspections, weighing trucks and assuring that vehicles display and/or possess proper permits.
  • Pursues fleeing subjects, arrests suspects, forcibly if necessary, using handcuffs and other restraints; subdues resisting suspects using maneuvers, approved weapons, and hands and feet in self-defense. Intervenes in disputes to restore peace and ensure safety of the public and parties involved, including confronting hostile persons, mediating disputes, and advising of rights and processes.
  • Searches people, vehicles, buildings and outdoor areas to detect and collect evidence and substances that provide the basis of criminal offenses and infractions.
  • Independently assesses situations, exercises discretion, and applies knowledge to make determinations such as when it is lawful to detain suspicious persons or vehicles, when probable cause exists to search and arrest, and when and to what degree force may be used, including the application of deadly force.
  • Gathers information and conducts criminal investigations and inspections of criminal, motor vehicle and regulatory laws and rules by interviewing and obtaining the statements of victims, witnesses, suspects, involved parties, and confidential informers. Achieves, maintains and applies proficiency when utilizing information technology/computer programs and data-based investigative tools to access and record confidential and sensitive information, including National Crime Information Center, Mobile Records Management System, in-cruiser Computer Aided Dispatch, Crash Record Management System (collision reporting system), ETicket (electronic citation/warning system), and State Police Online Telecommunications System.
  • Reads legal documents, conducts legal research, files and answers legal motions, and writes investigative and administrative reports, including warrants, complaints, affidavits and sketches, using appropriate grammar, symbols and mathematical computations, to prosecute and/or testify as a witness in cases in court and other formal settings.
  • Operates a law enforcement vehicle during both the day and night, in emergency situations involving speed in excess of posted limits, in congested traffic and in unsafe road conditions caused by factors such as fog, smoke, rain, ice, and snow.
  • Operates and maintains handguns, shotguns, rifles, other firearms, and other law enforcement equipment in a variety of body positions under stressful conditions and at levels of proficiency prescribed in certification standards.
  • Demonstrates satisfactory communication skills to effectively present and/or prosecute cases in administrative and court proceedings at the local, state, and federal level, as well as offer testimony in other judicial forums.
  • Performs rescue functions at accidents, emergencies, and disasters to include directing traffic, administering emergency medical aid, and evacuating people from dangerous situations.


  • Associate’s degree or 60 credit hours from an accredited institute of higher education with major study preferably in criminal justice or the equivalent.
  • No experience required.
  • High school diploma or high school equivalency credential.
  • Upon appointment, candidates must obtain a New Hampshire driver’s license in compliance with New Hampshire statutes governing driver’s licenses and registration.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age and a U.S. citizen either prior to or on scheduled date of examination administration.
  • Must have at least 20/100 in each eye uncorrected and corrected to 20/40 (near vision) and 20/30 (distant vision) in each eye and have normal uncorrected depth and color perception.; must possess normal hearing sufficient to enable performance of essential job functions.